For the past 23 years Deborah Coburn has been holding events for women from Queenstown and the surrounds. ‘Women on the Move’ was born out of a desire to show women the best parts of themselves, in the face of so many messages being conveyed to women that they are lacking. After working in the ‘image’ world for much of her professional life, Deborah was dismayed at what she saw as exploitation of women’s vulnerabilities. It is clear she is on a mission to change that. After attending her workshop and seminar which was held over a day at the Queenstown Casino Event rooms, I feel that Deborah is doing valuable work, reshaping harmful beliefs that are pervasive in our society.

Deborah has an affinity with rural women, after growing up with farmland as a backyard, from a shearing family in the deep south. Pioneering spirit is in her blood and this comes through in her introduction to the workshop in which she shared a story about local historic woman Ellen Dennison who was one of the first ‘Plunket Mothers,’ in this area. As the seminar is constantly evolving, some aspects do change so this story is used sometimes and at other times, different inspiring stories are shared.

Women on the Move is built to support our community of Mothers, which is indeed a very worthy cause to champion with Mum’s being the backbone of our communities. Rural Mum’s especially can suffer from isolation and disconnection – it’s a hard journey no matter where you are living but can be particularly rough if you are out in the sticks. It’s women like Dennison who have paved the way for connection and community along with the common sense but often overlooked attitude of Mothering our Mums.

Therefore, Deborah enjoys working alongside Plunket to make Woman on the Move an accessible workshop designed to offer supports, foster confidence and connect those who may be struggling. I myself was at such a point in life, having only very recently separated from my daughters Father, when I was offered a place on the workshop, nominated by Plunket. I was excited and very grateful!

The day was uplifting as we heard from various speakers on topics ranging from belief systems, neurolinguistic programming (a type of behavioural therapy) and health specialists. Over a delicious lunch provided by the casino, more inspirational chat was made along with connections with new friends. The afternoon was dedicated to enhancing our best qualities and blasting through fears and limitations as we explored how posture can define your presence and make a real difference to how you feel, the luxury of having your make up done professionally and to top it all off, a photo shoot which encouraged fun and ‘giving it a go.’ Having a team of local trusted style Gurus on board really capped the day off. This part of the day was inspired by Deborah experiencing so many women saying they really felt that they could not ‘take a nice photo’ of themselves. Deborah became determined to challenge that and pulled it off – along with local photographer Jackie Gay from Still Vision, who is also passionate about building women’s confidence in themselves. Jackie has been involved in Women on the Move for a number of years.

Women on the Move is more then a makeover experience, which is just the cherry on top of an incredibly empowering day. As we explored how limiting beliefs often formed in our childhoods can affect our behaviors in the present, and I found myself resonating with the statement that how certain statements we say to ourselves can create neural pathways which in turn shape our reality. Big stuff but approached in a way in which I felt secure enough to explore and go easy on myself.

Women on the Move is for anyone who likes a bit of a challenge or knows that they don’t so therefore they should give it a go! It is for those who are after a bit of self-discovery and who are ready to meet their glam side, with a bit of pampering on the side……Go on, you deserve it!

My Makeover – photo: Still Vision


The event will take place on the 25th of Nov, tickets are $160.00 including workshop, lunch, a makeover session, a photography session and a digital file of your first ph


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Are you a Business looking to get involved in a fantastic community initiative? You can sponsor a woman onto this workshop! Businesses can even nominate an employee, get in touch with Deborah for more information.


Women on the Move

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