Essence Lis is a woman’s only massage and natal service provider new to Queenstown. The woman behind this fantastic service is Lisane Auler, who has moved to Queenstown from Brazil with her husband and her young daughter.

I came across Lisane while searching for affordable pregnancy massage and since that first magical experience I have been back once a fortnight, which I intend to keep to! Massage is wonderfully healing and therapeutic, especially for a woman experiencing pregnancy. I found out that Lisane is also a certified Doula, which is essentially a birth support partner and quite rare to find in Queenstown. In fact Lisane may be the only Doula available locally. I signed up for her Doula service right away and have felt supported in many ways since.

Lisane came to Queenstown 1.5 years ago and as she was restricted to certain work hours with a small child, she decided to set up her service from home. She enjoys tailoring her services to her clients, which she found hard to do when working for others. Essence Lis offers an extensive range of massage services, from Aromatherapy to Hot stones and Lymphatic Drainage among some of the more popular choices. Lisane has practiced massage for going on eleven years, working for herself and other clinics in the south of Brasil. She added to her skill set with various courses in beauty/cosmetic services and later childbirth practices. Before having her daughter, Lisane was working as a massage trainer/tutor as well as a cosmetic and aesthetic tutor, going on to complete her certification as a birth Doula when her daughter was only six months old.

Essence Lis has formed a philosophy which promotes the well-being of every woman, through natural tools such as essential oils, stones, medicinal herbs and the healing touch so that women feel supported enough to begin a process of self-healing and discovers her own essence. “My greatest goal is to make this service accessible to all women, mothers, wives, working at home or out, that they have the time to take care of themselves, rediscover themselves and reconnect with themselves.”

The innate knowledge, professionalism and empathetic care that Lisane demonstrates is evident in her service to others. She is a true healer and a massage from her leaves a lasting impression. I have had massages all through Asia and believe in regular massage as part of my wellness maintenance – being a local in Queenstown means that it can be hard to find an affordable massage, but finally I have found this service which is right up there with the best I have ever experienced. Treat yourself to a massage with Essence Lis, I swear you will become a repeat client such as myself!


  1. Wow, I’m a bit picky when it comes to massages (I’m very tickly on my back) but would love to give her a go! Great article.

  2. Great review! Hope to book in when in QT next week 😊

  3. Lis gives me Lymphatic drainage massage when im down in the Wakatipu visiting , and i love it and look forward to having it . Lis has a touch that is gentle and caring and very healing . Also she has been my daughters Doula and I hear about all the wonderful support she gave . Thanks so much.
    She is a Lovely woman and i highly recommend her services .

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  5. Hi Georgia, how do I contact Lisane??

    Thanks – your blog is amazing!!!

    1. Georgia Todd

      Many thanks Lucy!
      You can find Lis on our Spiritual Seekers Directory, under massage therapists. Just visit the homepage and the directory is right there next to events,

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