Alex Bowles certainly shines with the passion she has for the healing arts. Her journey has taken her from working with children and adults with and without disabilities using her background in early childhood care and Fine Art, to finding her way into colour therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology and Soul Power healing modalities. This year she added another bow to her string when she attended an intensive workshop on Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM). She says that it was this latest field of study which really bought everything else she had learnt, together.

She learnt Color Therapy from Catherine North on Waiheke Island following her studies in Fine Art studies and Reiki. Colour Therapy led her to discover ‘Soul Power,’ and the art of Kinesiology.

“Kinesiology helps you to gain an understanding of what’s going on inside your body and mind. By finding and exploring the root cause of a problem, you can unravel negative patterns and blockages that have been holding you back in life. This will allow you to freely move into a more positive, healthy way of living and brings balance to one’s life.”

“Holistic Kinesiology utilises a range of modalities including muscle monitoring, acupressure, tradition Chinese medicine, vibrational medicine (flower essences, sound, chakras, crystals and homeopathy), affirmations, alternative energy healing methods, past life healing and ESR (Emotional Stress Release)” Taken from Alex’s Facebook page, Alexandra Bowles (Shine Naturally)


She has been practicing ‘Colour Therapy’ for over 6 years and is known for her stunning collection of healing colour bottles, beautifully displayed in her snug treatment room. She never knows what the client will be experiencing as she works on the principle of muscle testing for the body’s innate wisdom, so that the client directs the session. You may experience the wonderful healing abilities of colour, sound, or touch and your body may address past life concerns, or stick to your early years or perhaps require attention to something more recent. Or goal setting can be addressed for future events, such as preforming well in exams or feeling at ease regarding an upcoming speech or performance. Alex has a great belief in the natural order of things and how our true wisdom lies in our natural states. For example, her affinity in working with children lead her to notice that they naturally know how to work though or process their emotional stuff, if they are given the opportunity. In working with children, Alex would notice dominate colours being used with particular emphasis. Once when asking a young boy why he was so drawn to the colour yellow and how he was using it in a dominate way, he explained that the color made him feel happy and hungry. This is also the colour associated with our gut or solar plexus chakra, our center of inner power and in charge of our stomach organ. Time and time again Alex sees how we are interconnected in a natural way when we allow ourselves to express from a place of inner authenticity.

In this way Alex guides a gentle healing experience. You know you are in good hands as she expertly assess your energetic state and pain held in the physical body, drawing on the wisdom of Kinesiology which has it’s basis in Chinese medicine of the 5 elements and an oriental understandings of meridian lines (energy grids in the energetic body). This is combined with the modern science with a basis in quantum physics theories of energy (healing can take place on differing levels of time and space). Her treatments are gentle and non invasive and are suitable for people of all ages, including children and babies. Being a Mother herself, Alex has a special interest in working with Mothers and babies, especially in the area of post natal care and healing of birth trauma. She will be able to offer muscle testing for allergies and food sensitiveness very soon, which are becoming more common in families due to our modern way of living.

I dove into a session with Alex one afternoon, exploring a central theme in my healing journey – the fear of being unseen, which Alex right away flipped into a positive statement based on how I feel within myself when I am seen, valued and valid. The words “I feel empowered and limitless’ was a great way to re-imagine my fears.

She attuned to my body and through muscle monitoring and testing we found some imbalances which indicated Anger – which is associated with the Chinese Element of Wood. We discussed how this related to various experiences I had had and how behind the anger is a feeling of stagnation, of feeling stuck. It was interesting to me that the Liver is implicated in this element as well, which has been my focus of late while I get my hormones better balanced. The Liver is implicated in hormonal regulation. Alex assessed my Chakra system next and I received two colors to help with balancing of the Chakras which were unbalanced, these also came as no surprise to me. I rested on her massage table as she went to work on my energetic body. Certain ages came up which had healing work to be done, relating to the trapped emotions we had been discussing. As I rested Alex re-calibrated my belief system, asking me to repeat the words ‘I am Happy and Joyful.’

Finally, I came away with a piece of homework relating to Sound Therapy. Again the 5 Chinese Elements which are used in Kinesiology are related to sounds and can therefore be balanced through sound. Each element has a different healing sound, for example, Laughter in the Fire element. Mine was screaming. This made a lot of sense to me! I was given permission to release pent up frustrations associated with certain wounds I had developed at certain ages, leading to feelings of being invalid, feeling stuck and as a result experiencing anger. It was certainly relieving to have someone give me permission to scream in a safe way. We also discussed how again children can be seen exercising this need in a natural uninhibited way, which for me is certainly a challenge to bear witness to when it comes to my three year old! Although it’s not OK to affect others in a negative way with this need, we discussed safe ways of releasing.

Following my appointment with Alex, I feel more peaceful, accepting and as though I am further along in my lifelong journey of being authentic and cultivating Self Love. I feel as though I need to rest in order to process our session and I give myself permission to do so.

You can find Alex Bowles, Shine Naturally on our Spiritual Seekers Directory, her listing can be found here —–>

Shine Naturally

Alex is also training others to be empowered when it comes to their journey, she will be teaching Level 1, Soul Power Kinesiology in June. Check out the link below for more details –

Soul Power Kinesiology – Level 1


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