“We are here to create. And our master piece creation is our very own life. The time is now to fully know, own and act as the true conscious creators that we ARE. This is why we came. We are deep in the process of literally revolutionising our own consciousness from one that was weighted under the limitations of mass consciousness and mental thinking, to one that is embodied and centered in the sovereignty and wisdom of our own sacred heart centre. We are each forging our individual paths, alone and yet together alongside one another we support, guide and explore as the true consciousness revolutionaries that we are.”  Roisin Brady


Roisin Brady works as a “gifted intuitive, energy reader and consciousness revolutionary” – I also love her description of herself as a ‘Divine Decoder.’ A woman who has walked many paths, from life coaching, yoga, spirituality and business ventures, Roisin has plenty to offer those who seek her out. More recently she has ‘awoken’ to her True Soul Purpose as a Wayshower in these interesting times of massive paradigm shift. The guidance she provides to others on this path of awakening is “soul-ful and activating” in that she sees the higher potential in each person she guides, their true energetic vibration and the potential that they hold.

I certainly had experience of this when I consulted her recently – with profound insights abounding. I had been stuck in a bit of a rut which I had also been speaking to my therapist about who I see fortnightly to keep myself on a path of wellness. I had been experiencing a different aspect of myself which I wasn’t very comfortable with and while working with my therapist around this I decided to also utilise Roisins services to get to the bottom of what was going on. The questions I had were based around ‘people-pleasing,’ feeling anxious in relationships and also having a not-very-nice feeling of being a burden to others in my life. Deep stuff from way back! In my therapist sessions I reflected on the type of person I was – having seemingly boundless energy to get things done – but also perhaps being ‘overly-busy’ to distract myself – we all do it don’t we! In my experience with Roisin I was gently reminded that I DID have the capabilities to achieve a lot in my lifetime but that I would find much more happiness and inner peace in focusing on intent within myself rather than seeking external validation. I have been caught up in that way of being for far too long – and herein lies the crunch – until I truly paid homage to myself as a divine creator, no matter how much others around me approved of me and my ‘doings,’ I would never truly feel ‘good enough.’

A revelation!

Roisin uses her gifts to tap into the truth of the person she is working with, in a loving, respectful and beautifully soul-ful way. In the first instance, I emailed Roisin with my ‘Soul Question’ and she sent me back a recording of what came through as a result. This was a recording for me to listen to in my time and space. I found listening to the recording truly beautiful as Roisin’s words spilled forth, holding deep soul truths for me. I was moved to tears by the end of the recording, feeling extremely blessed and ‘seen’ for the being I (truly) AM. We a follow up session, some days later, via messenger, as she would usually use Skype to speak with clients, but in my case messenger worked best. We began the session with some deep, relaxing breaths and centering into the present moment, which was very helpful. Roisin takes charge of the face time session which is what I need before I take a big breath and start to waffle on as a way to perhaps avoid any hard truths. I received a beautifully written copy of the first recording, which I printed and read over and over, gaining new insights and clarity each time. Within the copy is also some journaling questions which may or may not be utilised but for me, as a writer, I truly appreciated.

This experience with Roisin left me feeling a better version of myself, more connected to my Higher Self, my Truth and my Soul Path. I felt validated in ways that I haven’t found before, but have always been seeking. Truthfully I know that this validation I seek must come from within, but sometimes we need the right person – or Wayshower – to show us the way, the door that is always open to walk through. I feel some big changes within myself as I integrate this innate knowledge re-gifted to me by Roisin. Of course, life goes on here in this particular reality and as blissed out as I felt following the session I was also immediately challenged in this new (old) knowledge of myself! But I have the reading to reflect on, a friendship with Roisin and other incredible people on this path and, of course, myself to fall back on.


Roisin is listed on Spiritual Seekers directory and her listing is linked below – follow her on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/roisin.brady –  to find out about her special offers, ‘mini-readings’ and to read her insightful and beautifully written blogs.

Roisin Brady

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