Edgar Ditzend offers uniquely tailored ‘Holistic Healing’ infused with the elements of traditional Argentinian energy healing methods. He has been traveling with his partner, who creates divinely inspired artworks, and has settled in Queenstown until August this year. Edgar continued his interest in body work and energy healing modalities through studying massage and reflexology here in Queenstown. He says he was guided to this decision through practicing meditation – “Everything I have done has come to me through meditation.”

Edgar has healing in his blood, growing up with a Mother who is involved in traditional ceremony associated with Machu Pichu and is known as a type of Shaman to the indigenous people. Shying away from his home life experience as a teenager Edgar made the surprising decision to study finance. Becoming a financial analyst at 19 years old, Edgar found himself working for one of the worlds largest oil companies and quickly became disillusioned when he realized the financial system seemed to only benefit a few at the cost to many. So he planned to leave and attempted three times before he was finally free to return to a path that felt more in alignment with his passion. Traveling Europe, Edgar came across Reiki and energy healing techniques, familiar to him through growing up with his Mother, a gifted healer.  Combined with his knowledge of Tameana, developed by Argentinian Juan Manuel Giordano, Edgar decided to travel further with his newfound skills. He says “meeting many different people and working with them energetically is very rewarding, I enjoy this work and am excited to be here offering my service.”

I was lucky enough to experience a healing session with Edgar which utilized massage, to relax the physical body, reflexology to help balance my body and energy field and then finished with a blissful experience of Tameana – high vibrational work gifted by the Pleiadians – who some believe are an ancient alien race, that have helped humanity with spiritual evolution. The premise behind Tameana is crystal energy work, with crystals acting as ‘high frequency energy’ in a closed circuit capacity. In my experience this translated to being surrounded by stunning quartz crystals after my unwinding massage and reflexology. With my eyes closed and falling into a deeply relaxed state I felt I could sense other energies in the room. It felt as though I was surrounded by loved ones and the blissful feeling of universal oneness came upon me. It was a deeply humbling experience, made significant by the presence of the crystals. Coming out of the relaxed state, I felt as though I had new clarity and had found my inner spark once more. Edgar’s manner is very respectful of his clients experience. I opened my eyes to find him waiting patiently for me to arrive back in the room, and we shared an interesting discussion about my experience. Edgar has an affinity with crystals and says with a grin  ‘they do the work for me.’ He likens the crystals to family and showed me his favorite piece, a ‘Dioptase’ a  rare find, as is Edgar. It is clear that he is dedicated to helping people he encounters to reconnect with their divine selves and to experience healing bliss through his techniques. It was a great honor to experience Tameana from a native Argentinian, so make sure to book in to see Edgar before he and partner Marina continue on their adventures. Edgar can come to you in your home space and set up his powerful crystal grid and create a healing atmosphere to relax in.

He charges $80.00 per hour or $100 for 90mins – he confesses, I am not a big fan of watching the clock so people usually get a generous amount of time to enjoy the crystals!

You can find Edgar over in our Spiritual Seekers Directory ——–> https://spiritualseeker.co.nz/listing/dalefield-holistic-healing/

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