– Sarsha Hope, Ecstatic Dance

Sarsha Hope has been flourishing over the last couple of years with Sarsha becoming a well known and loved member of the yoga and wellbeing community in Queenstown. She offers Yoga, Theta Healing and has established wildly popular dance sessions in town most Fridays. I first met Sarsha at Nadi Wellness Centre when she was taking pregnancy yoga. I was also practicing Chakra Balancing with NZ Native Tree Essences and we were immediately drawn to each other’s modalities. I quickly found out that Sarsha offered Theta Healing and after having had an introductory session with another local practitioner I decided to give it another go through Sarsha. Soon enough we developed a friendship and mutual respect for the paths we were both on. So when I heard that Sarsha was starting up an ‘ecstatic dance class’ I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Since then, my love of dance has grown and I have tried to be a regular on the floor – bringing friends with me who have also stayed out of pure enjoyment and a need for more. Sarsha has now created a tight dance community here in Queenstown and has even taken ecstatic dance on the road to places like Invercargill and Aro Ha retreat in order to spread the dance fever. Ecstatic dance offers a way to unfold from a hectic week – to dance out stress and tension and also to celebrate the highs of the week. I have danced because I was angry or sad, but I have also danced to celebrate achievements or a glorious full moon.

Ecstatic dance has taken place at the church on Church St for the most part, with an experimental phase at the primary school. The best thing about the classes is that they are community based and collaborative. Others are encouraged to offer their talents and skills in the form of sound therapy or meditation. Recently Sarsha happily encouraged me to set up an S.S Guide to Q.T promotion and to speak about the website at the end of the class. She is always open to promoting the journey to wellness for individuals and for the community. Therefore, the ecstatic

dance tribe is one in which all are welcome, encouraged and nurtured to be their best selves, or just the selves that show up on the night.

Sarsha describes Ecstatic dance – “Ecstatic Dance is a lively, sweaty, full body moving meditation that increases fitness, stills the mind and allows your most authentic self to show up deeply and completely. The only steps are the ones you chose, follow the beat of the music to drop into full body bliss.”

Ecstatic Dance is on every Friday night at the Church on Church St, Queenstown from 730pm-9pm. Please arrive on time.

Going forward, Ecstatic Dance is looking to find suitable times and spaces for dance to take place so keep an eye on the Facebook page – Queenstown Ecstatic Dance and the website – www.sarshahope.co.nz


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