Heidi Firth, of Be Your Own Guru, writes about what she offers in her own words, ahead of a presentation at Lululemon ‘Power Hour’ tomorrow, (5/08). Following is S.S Guide to Q.T’s blogger Georgia Todd’s experience with Heidi –

“Georgia does a wonderful job of articulating what Be Your Own Guru’s intention is.

In our world today, there is great focus on seeking externally to fulfill our inner needs.  We buy, eat, sex, drink, holiday, Netflix and more, to feel good, seeking to fill our voids.

Be Your Own Guru is about coming back to ourselves, following our inner wisdom and addressing our deepest needs first.

When we do so, life expands, it gets more meaningful and magical.

It’s not necessarily easy.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, beautiful goddesses dancing around a fire or divine masculine men opening their hearts in ecstatic bliss – although when those things happen – it’s pretty wonderful.  It’s a lot of walking in the mud, deep transformation and real talk.  That said, there IS a lot of beauty in all of the above.  Life is within our healing.  As we peal back our masks to reveal more of our authentic nature, life expands and the magic rushes in.

My Inner 16 year old teenager, so low in self esteem, self love and confidence could not embrace the great outdoors and learn to shred down a mountain, or make soulful opened hearted connections, had I not of addressed and healed my core wounds.  I’ve experienced both muddy lows and ecstatic highs in doing so.  My intention is to support others to do the same.”


Be Your Own Guru is just that – when having a session with Heidi, what you won’t experience is an external insistence that you need something outside of yourself to solve your ‘problems.’ The session for me could be described as a gift of presence, Heidi’s ability to hold space and allow one to come back to oneself is remarkable. As I left the session I felt validated, heard and seen.  A rare gift in our fast-paced modern way of living, where you leave an interaction, usually feeling misheard and brushed aside. “People are often having an agenda of wanting to be elsewhere,” Heidi discussed with me. Be Your Own Guru holds an intention to allow people to feel heard.  “I hold space and allow people to share what is going on for them, reflecting what I hear, feel & see. This allows them to feel heard and gives permission to expand on what already is. This practice allows for greater depth of understanding and experience to what is being shared.” As the popularity of ‘the journey’ of spirituality, where needing to attain something else outside of yourself is often taken advantage of, grows, it is refreshing to receive a session with Be Your Own Guru where you are given the opportunity to just Be. Heidi says about her background that what has worked for her in the journey of coming back to herself, is what she wants to impart on others. By offering the opportunity of finding our own innate wisdom, Be Your Own Guru is a deeply satisfying reflective practice to engage with.

Diving right in, I voiced my distinct uncomfortableness with Being. Being with my kids, being vulnerable and authentic with my partner, being in just every day life with some friends – and not escaping ‘somewhere’ else – this has been my one of my greatest struggles since I can remember. But in these teachings are also my greatest lessons and profound Joy as a result of trying a little to face my fear of Intimacy. Fear of intimacy with others and Self can and has done for me, lead one to practice the habit of escapism that little bit more, because its fine to escape the everyday in small moments here and there, but sometimes it can spill over into a more damaging expression…In the space between Heidi and I and what she had created, I was able to express all these fears, the bad old wounds. She offered a practice from her toolkit of various experiential teachings she has gained – she guides her sessions around what comes up and choses with guidance from the client, what tools such as energy healing on her table, meditation, or reflective listening may be called for – with me she offered a practice of Being. I danced around the idea and admitted I hated it. The practice of just being in the moment is at best a curiosity for me and at worst, like right then, unpalpable. So we talked about that. She gently pointed out some of the body language I was showing, I had hugged my knees protectively up into my chest when offered a chance to just Be. In a big way the fears I was expressing come back to a theme explored in this months Seeker blog (keep an eye out! ), ‘Are you enough as you are?’ Sometimes I wonder if the feeling of wanting to escape is a result of not feeling like its enough to just Be.

Slowly as the session unwound, I became more comfortable in the gentle space. I explored a little more, dipped my toes into ‘going there,’ as I have been doing more recently in a variety of ways. But each time I was given the chance to explore further my uncomfortableness with the present moment I started up my usual line of defence, intellectualising it all. Talking, talking, talking. At least I am aware of it I guess. In the next part of the session we explored how much I am able to celebrate myself. Turns out, I’m pretty good at that. As I described all the juicy things I like to do on a regular basis to feel good; baths with yummy candles and a good book, a night out dancing, Ecstatic Dance, catch ups with friends, walks in Nature (that one less so as I am a lazy beast really), and how just the other day I had received a wee windfall so had taken my bestie and partner out for a celebratory drink and cheese platter, Heidi noted how the energy had lifted. I felt joy and contentment bubbling through my body and we both giggled as she also acknowledged how infectious my happiness was at the idea of celebrating life.

The session turned more conversational, Heidi has the ability to make you feel like she’s an old friend in a short amount of time so as we begun to wind down the session naturally she stoked the fire and potted around in the kitchen offering me bone broth or herbal tea. As I sipped my drink, Heidi offered me a tarot reading to close the session. In Be Your Own Guru style, it was left to me to interpret the cards. This was an enjoyable and validating way to end. Learnings about our inner most selves are an ongoing journey. No one outside of ourselves holds the answers we seek. What we are seeking is a return to ourselves. Sometimes the right people turn up who are like Wayshowers, in that they open a door we ourselves may not have been aware of fearful of walking through. I believe who we met in our path are intricate to our understandings just as we are to them. It is both true that we already have all that we need within ourselves, yet we also grow most through the reflections of ourselves in others. There is joy to be had in those interactions. Be Your Own Guru offers that joyful experience as well as a chance to just Be (maybe I will get myself there next time) and simply a space in which I was able to receive the gift of validation – through myself and the reflections offered back to me by Heidi. A rare and valuable gift worth experiencing.



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