Welcome to a special edition of our regular monthly moon magick feature – since the Supermoon in Virgo at the beginning March has kicked us off with such transforming change – and just before we usher in the Astrological New Year with Aries in the house as well I thought I would bring to you a Supermoon special….wow, its been a fire cracker start to the month! It rather feels like a beginning and ending on a whole new level.

But first, I would also love to combine this special blog with a brief review of my experience with astrologer and star gazer queen, sheseesthestars…at times like this, where nothing is certain, it is indeed enlightening to reach out for guidance from those who are here to be of service to the evolution of everyone on the planet today.

As the worldwide shifts and transformations on all levels continued to unfold, I felt pulled to consult with an incredibly talented and insightful soul sister, sheseesthestars, as she is known by. Sarah Thomas hails from Queenstown, we went to high school together and now she resides in the tropical jungle of Bali and creates resonance in others through reading their stars.

With everything crumbling around me and challenges flowing from a recent break up, I secured a much sought and rare appointment with this busy star seer, and on the eve of the announcement that our country was due to go into Lockdown, I headed into my car with a final take out from s fav local spot and for some privacy from the madness so I could connect with Sarah on Skype. Sarah instantly brightened my screen and honed in on the strong and intense energies flying about – our discussion centered on worldwide unfoldings to begin with, Sarah confirming my gut instinct that we are on the cusp of something big. Nothing will ever be the same way again. And it is apparent that this is playing out in the microcosm of our personal worlds as well as in the collective energies of the planet. I immediately felt as though Sarah was tapped in, her words flow like a truth that resonated deep within me, sometimes I would hear her using words I had thought and sentences I had strung together in my quieter moments – again confirmation of my own intuition but with the gift of a different perspective and the permission I needed to truly hear that wisdom.

Sarah is bang on and I felt as though she had a lazer like focus on who I am in my own birthright throughout our session. There was a huge amount of information ‘downloaded.’ We went on a wild journey throughout all of my houses, with an overview of where I am at right now and what that’s likely to unfold as in the upcoming years….As I suspected due to the urgent feeling I carry around with me like a hot stone these days, I am in the midst of huge learning and unlearning, re-patterning and healing of serious shit. Aint we all?

Sarah delivered on clarity and straight up truth. I literally felt stunned afterwards, as some of it hit me in uncomfortable waves. But, I remembered the overall message Sarah made sure I understood – “sweetie, honey,” she said in her gentle musical voice which soothed with the power of the stars behind it, “you are going to come through this, and you are going to be more than Ok.”

Whew. I feel that on a larger scale as well.

For your own personal sheseesthestars astrological report and guidance at this time, head to Sarah’s stunning insta page – filled with inspiring star guidance and soulful art works.


Super Moon Magick

Even though we have just crossed the Aries New Moon cycle and our last Full Moon was two weeks ago, I feel inspired to write a short guide to Supermoons in general – we have THREE in 2020, so no wonder this year has been a FULL one so far!

What is a Super Moon?

Quite simply a super moon is the full moon closer to the Earth than a regular full moon. This is why they pull on tides in a more powerful way, causing King or Spring Tides. This means they can also tug more strongly on us, our energy bodies and the consciousness of the planet on the whole.

Typically they herald great times of transformation on a personal and collective level. So, how can we make the most of them? See below for five effective ways to soak up a super moon and its potent energies….

  • Sink Deeper. This means take more time with the super moon – give her more love and she will return it tenfold. Dedicate a whole day to the super moon – better yet, three days, as the day before and after the super moon are also very potent. Make your meditations a little longer, write a little more, dive deeper into the energies available to you – they are super charged!
  • Pay special attention to ‘downloads’ or energetic upgrades, these are thoughts that seem to pop into your head from nowhere and form the backbone for a greater understanding or release over something. Write down what comes up.
  • Do a reading – use your own intuitive super powers to pull cards and find direction. Again, make note of what you find.
  • Dreams are especially vivid and full of unconscious awareness which can be pulled to the surface – keep a notebook for dream records near your bed – the theme here is to record what you are bringing up to the light of your consciousness, for examination and release.
  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse – all full moons are great for honoring the element of water, on a super moon this is never more true. Call your inner Siren to the surface and head to the nearest body of water at the super moons pull….even better if you can bathe in its illumination on the waters surface – while doing this you can call forth your ancient feminine powers to release all that no longer serves you, see it washing away from your body as well as leaving your energetic fields. You may see it as a dense, foggy energy which dissolves into the water. Thank the spirit of the water before you leave. If you cannot get to a body of water you can do this with a bath or shower.

Super moons are indeed a magical time to really do the work, the alchemy of transmuting dark into light, Fear into Love. A power which women especially resonant with while in harmony with their cycle. Traditionally a woman will be ovulating at the full moon, feeling light, joyous and looking great! So embrace your inner maiden, your moon Goddess, your witch and use these gifts to enhance your earthly experience!

Super moons can really take it out of us, so as with all Full Moons remember to practice basic self care and then some – eat well, make the most of sleep and nap if you find yourself affected by the moon at night, get some alone time and retreat (re-treat) yourself.

Our next full moon in just under 2 weeks is also a Super moon, sandwiching these extraordinary times that we are in. Strap yourself in with a bit of faith, hold tight to your inner wisdom – as we take this ride together. Make sure to reach out and connect, there are tools aplenty!

Blessings….Stay Well.

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