As the moon begins to fill up, we notice her illuminating the night skies – its as though she holds a watery light up to our darkness. With the opportunity to explore our connection to ourselves and our heart center this month, February’s Full Moon gives us the opportunity to illuminate all that no longer serves us, in the name of Self-Love.

Under the sign of Leo, this Moon carries with it aspects of passion, boldness and vitality. You may be feeling into these energetic qualities already which become heightened in the days either side of the Full Moon. A Full Moon is cause for celebration and release, you may want to connect with a bolder version of yourself, but first you may need to dive deep, be with just yourself and recognize that which you wish to Let Go.

The Leo Full Moon gives us those opportunities to connect with what lights us up and that which breathes fire into our hearts – this is a good time is ask of yourself ‘What inspires you to live your life fully?’

It takes a Brave Heart to let oneself become vulnerable enough to become honest with yourself and then to dare to enact this honesty. Give yourself the gift of vulnerability during this Full Moon – below is a ritual that leads you into this process; remember life is for living!

Remember, with the energies surrounding this Full Moon, like that of the planet Mars (motivation), you will be guided and supported to Let Go, so let it flow – trust – open – and release… are making way for the next cycle to begin, that which you wish to let go off will be making room for the gifts that the Universe will bring you and which are rightfully yours in the upcoming weeks of February.

Brave Heart – it is time to level up!

Heart Space Connection and Release Ritual:

You can do this ritual in Nature, which is our way back to our heart – Nature in general represents the heart center and the color green is the resonance of our heart chakra.

Sit somewhere where you can ground yourself into Mama Earth. Close your eyes and deepen your breath, place one hand over your heart, then your other hand over that so you are holding your heart and possibly feeling its beat as well.

Breathe deep into your stomach area, this is called the balloon breath. You feel your tummy rising like a balloon filling up. After three big centering breaths you can then begin to breathe into your heart. Visualize all that you are grateful for in your life. Your loved ones, the food in your cupboards or garden, your healthy body, your active mind. Feel the thanks for it all and feel your heart center expand.

Spend some time, eyes closed, breathing deep into your heart in this beautiful gratitude space. When you are ready, ask your Higher Self or Guides (Whatever sits right with you) for clarity at this time, around what you need to release in order to live from a place of vitality and joy.

See your heart in your minds eye, aglow. See the face of a lion radiating with a halo behind the head and the rays of the sun illuminating everything in this visualization. If you can feel the heat of the sunlight on your skin then even better. Use this heat, this inner fire and the courage of the Lion to find what it is that needs to be released. Be honest with yourself.

Say it out loud. Ask for support to release this blockage. You can also write it on a piece of paper and give this to the elements to purify and transform. You can do this by burning the paper and scattering the ashes to the winds, you can let it go in a body of water, or bury it in the Earth. Let it go and be conscious of how this shows up in the next 4 weeks… gentle but firm as you peel back this layer and begin to live from your heart.

Blessed Be!

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