December is here and so is the end of 2019. We celebrate and honor the closing of all that has been, with its far reaching ripple effects, as the final Full Moon in Gemini graces our sky on the 12th of the 12th.

12 is a special number of its own accord, representing completion of cycles and a state of higher consciousness – Gemini also represents ‘pairs’ so feeling in two minds this week may become more apparent. You may also find two areas of your life standing out. Pay attention.

A Full Moon gives us the chance to release. Take a slip of paper and write down a thank you to 2019 for what it has bought to you growth wise.

Take another and write down what you most wish to let go off from the year, so that you may step into the new path before you in 2020.

What do you wish to bring forth in 2020? Let your warrior light shine through and direct your intuition so that your direction becomes clear.

This full moon is a strong one with a pull which can be draining and tiring so honor yourself by resting, bathing, reading and taking care of your needs. We are letting go of the ‘heavy.’

Under the light of this moon our relationships and finances are highlighted – bring forth abundance and harmony by focusing on these areas as you create your ritual on the night of the full moon:

Relationship Harmony : Elements of rose quartz, pinks, reds, two of things such as candle or flower, roses, jasmine, pictures of you and your beloved, or just you….

Create an alter using such items, close your eyes and imbue your alter with vision of relationship harmony, use this time to conjure up what would make you happiest and most at peace.

Feel free to journal and draw. Share if you are taking part in a circle.

Abundance: Cloves, orange, oranges, chocolate, coins, paper money, green candles, symbols of wealth, beautiful material, frankincense….

Light a green candle and pile coins around the base, place Citrine crystals around the candle and arrange the rest of your objects, if possible let this bathe in the light of the full moon, empowering your crystal(s) with money making attraction. Place in your purse for the rest of the month. Make sure to spend some time visualising and feeling the emotional repsonse to feeling at ease with money and as though you have more then what you need to do the things you want to do. It is very important to incorporate gratitude here, for all that you already have while you are conjuring.


And finally, make time to celebrate YOU – you are the light which makes a difference to the world, and the world is at such a point in history where we could be tipped either in favor of more greed and destruction or a higher consciousness which we need to create a new system and a new way of life. On Friday the 13th Ecstatic Dance is coming to Arrowtown, with a theme of celebrating your inner warrior of light, come to dance and celebrate 2019 as we step in 2020 and all that we wish to bring with us, check out the link below for more information —->

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