As the winds turn warmer and wilder, surprise snow and plenty of rain show us that Spring has arrived here in the mountains. We reach the point in the year where day and night share equal hours, breathing a sigh of relief as the Light makes it return. The light lengthens out the day so that we breathe a little lighter, enjoy a slowly setting sun. The darkness a little kinder.

This Spring Equinox, S.S Guide to Q.T celebrated the turning of the season, the lifting of winter and the return of the light along with a tribe of Ecstatic Dance party goers,  the event hosted by Hope Wellness and the Q.T Witches.  We tattooed the Earth with our collective beat of the soles of our feet as the weather threatened to turn on us, teasing with rain splatters and whipping wind. Spring weather in all her glory. Moke Lake was the perfect backdrop to the dance with beats rolling out over the bronzed mountains. It was a satisfying and significantly sacred moment in time, honoring the Spring Equinox. My heart melted a little as I watched my three year old daughter receive her smudging with her eyes closed, in a tranquil state. Our baby brought smiles with her Unicorn horn headband, snuggled up in a wrap on her Dad. Kids, babies, parents, friends, family, Whanau all came together to acknowledge and celebrate the seasonal transition. We look forward to experiencing a Summer Solstice!

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I also hosted the first Arrowtown ‘Sister Moon Circle’ on the night of the Aries Full Moon this month, with two fellow witchy-chicks. Honoring the month we had experienced, becoming willing to let go, to witness where we are at in relation to the moon, our cycles as woman – spiritually, emotionally and physically. It was a perfect night of relaxed ritual. We moon bathed to close the circle – then toasted the Goddess with sparkling grape juice and ate fudgy choc brownie after spending an evening in candle light, listening to music, moving, talking, listening and journaling. I am excited to see how this circle develops each Full Moon.

By bringing awareness to these elements which are found in Nature, connecting us as cyclic beings – the moon, its phases, the seasons, we begin to honor a deeper aspect of ourselves and can thereby tune into certain ways of being which are intuitive (in tune) and honoring of our true potential. I find the more I experience this – things flow freely. The right people show up.  Sychronosities deliver treasures. Magic is everywhere. Connectedness with self, the natural state of things, seasons, and of course with each other bring about profound change in life and the opportunities that come our way.

With the Spring Equinox comes an opportunity to honor how far we have come with our growth through Winter – esoterically a time of introspection which can start to feel heavy as we head towards lighter months with growing hopefulness. It can serve as a time that boosts us along, harnessing the changing energy to create in our own lives. It is a time to plant seeds, your hopes and dreams. Full Moons are a time of letting go, clearing the past as you look back on anything you experienced over the past four weeks which held you back, or was familiar and tired – that kind of drag you down energy. We can clear this, let it go and make way for the new -the manifesting of your potential and what comes next. Using the moon and the seasons greatly help with these processes so that they just flow with your intention, you experience more integration with your higher self.

Therefore, lately I have been busy creating. Moon circles, a new business venture offering content services, another project close to my heart around supporting Mothers…what I would love to be doing is endless. But I have also already created two whole beings who are my main focus at this stage of life, whether I choose to accept that on any given day is another matter! So my time is precious, and I know how important these first years are for my kids and for us as parents. But I cannot shut out the part of me who is a creative, who has a need to help change the old paradigms, the same calling many many of us are experiencing. So with all this possibility, potential and projects, along with the freshness of Spring, I have experienced overwhelm and frustration – perhaps a kind of Spring Blues. You know the feels?

If I could live limitlessness I would have books published, programmes created to help connect, uplift and honor Womanhood, plenty of space and energy to celebrate the moons each month, run ecstatic dance for parents and kids, upskill in areas relating to my experiences, be using my psychology qualifications, be going to jam nights and living my secret passion of singing my truths….and I would have the perfect balance of being with my kids throughout those awesome experiences as well as being able to fill my cup with ‘Me’ time so I can come back to them as my most ideal version of a Mum. Ha! This is how I envision when I notice and act on a creative manifesting, visionary gift from the Universe in the form of the Spring Equinox and Aries Full Moon. Of course, you know I’m an Aries too right?

So, one part of me feels it’s impossible and ludicrous not to mention detrimental to my relationships to aim for a life of limitlessness – the conditioned part no doubt (well done Big Brother) and this other part of me, who is getting louder every day insists the sky is the limit but that there is a trick. That trick is to do with authentically living your truth. Which includes being kind to yourself which in turn means boundaries and intuition around overdoing it versus harnessing energetic opportunities. A lot of it, I believe comes down to firstly being in tune with yourself. And this is as simple as just noticing, what and when. When are you kicking ass? When do you need to retreat? Where are you in your cycle, what is the moon doing? I have this cute intention card that sits on my office desk which is a good reminder for little ol all-or-nothing me: I know when to be patient and when to hustle, I know when to wait and when to chase. With all that this Spring brings with her, it has been illuminating to see the lesson of frustration and overwhelm – the lesson of Honoring your Self…..

Happy Spring Equinox!


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