As we enter into the season of Autumn here in Spiritual Seekers home of Arrowtown, we are reminded to take stock of ourselves and prepare for the colder months ahead. We slow down and start to dig out the woolly hats and scarves. The trees are ablaze with layers of rust golds, fiery oranges and deep plum reds. Frequently the sky is an azure blue backdrop, emboldening the colors of Autumn all around in such a distinct way that our eyes ache with the beauty beholden. Everyday I give thanks to living in such a beautiful village, a sumptuous feast for the eyes.

Lately, I have been reminded of the beauty of gratitude as we change seasons from a late Indian Summer into a strangely warm Autumn which still flaunts a hint of colder temperatures to come each morning as we are teased with frost. Slowing down the days comes more naturally and we take advantage of warm afternoons to stroll the neighborhood. Over Easter, my partner is off work so we enjoy the benefits of parenting together during the week days. A Full Moon in Libra blesses us on Good Friday, I feel the theme to be Unconditional Love, as I place a jar with my intention on it for the upcoming cycle, to meet each situation with love instead of fear, outside under the rain laden skies – the moon hidden. The jar fills with moon water and the Clary Sage seeds I sprinkled in it swell and glisten.

Now is a good time to take stock of what we have to feel blessed for, and to imbue each moment with unconditional love as we head into harsher months, where introspection beckons. Read on to discover 5 ways to Harvest your inner wisdom, in preparation for Winter.

1: Light a Candle.

A beautiful opportunity to bask in the unwavering warmth of gratitude, lighting candles has always been ritualistic for people throughout the ages and you can imbue this ritual with the intention of honoring the time we have arrived at, Autumn, to signal to the cosmos your awareness of the cycles that for many years were a part of every day life to honor and keep….

Choose a candle, one with a cinnamon, spicy or pine smell to it is appropriate for the season of Autumn. Find a quiet space and set aside some time where you won’t be disturbed. Light your candle then sit comfortably before it while settling your gaze on the flame of the candle.

Soften your gaze and focus your mind on your breath while imagining the candles flame growing and glowing brighter as you feel into your heart space and the gratitude you feel for all that you are blessed for. It helps to begin by feeling into your heart space regarding loved ones, including pets as this is where we light up the most. Remember to extend that loving gratitude to the most important person in your life as well – You! You can end the candle meditation when ever you feel ready.

2. Take a Nature Walk.

Nothing celebrates Autumn so much as getting out among the beautiful trees and their changing colors. You can appreciate the barer trees too and remember how miraculous it is that even after a tree loses everything and is bare, vulnerable and what looks like dead, it will come back to life after Winter – renewed and stronger for the seasons it has experienced. We can see the comparison to taking stock of where we are at almost half way through the year, what changes the seasons have bought us and where we have strengthened. While on your walk you can practice mindfulness through asking yourself these questions: What can you smell? What can you taste, see, feel and hear. Once grounded into the present, choose a special spot and do some journal writing. This can be as creative as you want. Write a poem to describe the year so far, or draw some feelings. Anything that is reflective – you may be surprised when you read over your musings towards the end of the year.

3. Do a Tarot Spread or a Card Reading:

If you practice the Tarot, now is the perfect time to light a fire (where possible) and pull some cards. Ask what you may need to know for the upcoming season, or if there is anything more you need to know about the months that have passed.

If you do not use cards, perhaps book in with a reputable card reader and take what resonates from the session.

4. Clear out the Closet and Celebrate:

Organize a clothing swap with your sister tribe. A great excuse for an Autumn get together, where conversation flows and you can take stock with your sisters. It is also the perfect time of year to be conscious of our impact on our home, Earth and to scale back where needed. Clearing out our clothing symbolizes a desire to live with less, to make less impact and is a good chance to clear the energy from times gone by. Upgrade your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead or score something to save for Summer.

5. Be Still.

Savor the opportunity to slow down and do less. Challenge yourself at least weekly to begin with, to just sit and do nothing for a few minutes at a time. This is like meditating but even less then that, its a chance to not ask anything of yourself. You can just look at the sky and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin – if its a nice day! A little bit of mindfulness can help to focus the mind which will, of course, wander everywhere with a loud list of To Do’s, just notice it and remember you deserve a few moments each day to switch off. Once this practice becomes a habit, which it will – given the chance – then clear ‘downloads’ of inner wisdom become a part of the experience. Effortlessly, wisdom will come to you – a gift that the practice of gratitude, stillness and reflection bear as we embrace the season of Autumn and the opportunity to harvest the wisdom of the soul.

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