Welcome to March, Seekers – that magical time of year where for us in the deep south, we begin to smell a hint of wood smoke and see the first turning of the trees, which will reward us all with an incredible display in the weeks to come. February saw Seeker exploring a heart connection to oneself, in tangent with the month of Love. This revealed, for me personally, where I was still not living authentically, this exploration allowed me to delve deep within my most intimate relationship with my partner and to see where I needed healing as a parent. I feel as though it was the biggest shift I have experienced in my lifetime. This resulted in my partner and I separating – which I did not expect to happen. I felt it was ironic at first, when I reflected on how determined I was at the beginning of February to explore my connection to myself. Well, the Universe certainly delivered on that one and now it would see I am thrust deeper into my calling, seemingly ‘on my own.’ Yet I do know we are all connected, and a love that was is never really lost.

Even if it feels like it, and it hurts – a lot.

Since this all happened, I have been reaching for resources and tools to allow me to process a separation, made more complicated by the fact we have children. I listened to podcasts, devoured books and articles, signed up for ‘the only thing which will fix your relationship and bring him back for good, for only 7x payments of $99.99.’ Some of it helped greatly and of course, some did not. I cried and cried and cried some more. I felt deeply loved and supported by my community of womanhood and I cried over this as well. I upped my Buddist practice, becoming more committed then ever. And I watched as the magic took hold. This especially occurred after I had time and space to write out my hurts and to explore them. Yes, looking at a photo of us in Bali not too long ago, felt physically painful and I thought the tears might never cease. When I explored the fear under this, that I had lost that time between us and was never going to experience that again, I found the kernel of fear which wound itself around me and squeezed. I explored further and understood that moment was precious, a stand out time for us all in our family and it will never be lost, it will never lose its meaning. Gratitude flooded me and I felt myself lifting.

When I wrote out my ‘part’ in why our relationship did not work in harmony and remembered the ways that it did, I felt a massive shift and even more so when I was able to read this work out to my ex partner, who gave me the opportunity for release by listening.

These processes have also gifted me that which I had signed up for, without knowing the places it would take me. Connection to my heart. On my better days, I truly feel grateful for what I have learnt so far. For the way my ex partner and I are navigating this tricky time. There is no blame or shame. There is a great sadness and at times it is beautiful. I feel that we are bringing as much consciousness to this experience as possible. March is my birthday month, and I feel a calling to focus on my health, my well being and my next steps. That’s a lot! With the Full Moon in Virgo at the start of our second week into the month, we are reminded to take care of our beautiful selves. Get a massage, a haircut, ( I chopped mine off in honor of the breakup!) a wellness check. Prioritize yourself as we move into cooler months with the world feeling the fear over health concerns; there is much you can do energetically to protect yourself from spiraling into fear based behaviors.

March Connection –

March will explore our connection to our Souls. Diving deeper and deeper into who we truly are in this world, and beyond. I anticipate clarity being a theme as plans for the future emerge, change is afoot having been shaken up by the latest shifts in our lives. We need to connect more than ever, all signs point to finding this connection deep within ourselves and then seeing that it is everywhere. Look out for a special edition of ‘Star Gazer;’ having been away last week to Wellington to take part in the Buddhist organization SGI and their celebration ‘Waves of Peace,’ I was unable to write a guide to the most recent Full Moon. As I will be receiving an astrology report by the incredibly talented and connected ‘sheseesthestars’ astrologer, I will be reviewing this experience and sharing it with you. Sarah Thomas, of ‘sheseesthestars’ grew up in Queenstown and we went to Wakatipu High School together so this a such a treat to experience and I am in total support of her work.

We also have the conscious community celebration that is the Arrowtown Holistic Spiritual Fair coming up at the end of this month. Remember, it is free to list your event on Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds or you can contact me on spiritualseekerqt@gmail.com if you would like some help promoting your event.

On another very important note, our tribe of friends and Seekers were shocked and saddened by awful news that one of our own has had a diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer. As a community, we have the strength to come together and support our brother and our sister, his beautiful wife. This kind of news truly pulls everything into perspective and reminds us to take care of each other and ourselves, no matter what stories have played out between us. I write this to create awareness for Lilia and Jakobs journey ahead as they fundraise to get Jakob treatment in Mexico, which they feel is their best option. You can see the link below to donate and please do keep an eye out for events happening in our area. Seeker Content in collaboration with Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds will be holding a night of comedy and consciousness with Marty BRight at the end of April, which will also be a fundraising event for Jakob and Lilia – check it out on the Experiences page of the website and please pop it on your calendar.

Please help to spread awareness –


Have a beautiful, connected March Seekers – these times they are a changing and we must remember, we are all in this together. Bless.


  1. Words of wisdom from one of the strongest women I know… Much love Miss Todd x

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