All my life I have been a seeker. From an early age, I annoyed people with strange questions about how a tree knew to grow from a seed and a general surprise about the world around me. Though my family was not religious in a sense, I expressed an interest in God and grew up around holiday Christian Camps, the stuff of many Kiwi kids’ childhoods. I was always in the garden mixing up potions from flowers and herbs. I enjoyed a bit of church, then found a group of Hare Krishna’s in my beachside town. As I grew from an eccentric kid into a quirky teen I spent many nights around a bonfire on the local beach chanting ‘Hare Bo!’ Meanwhile my Mum taught me about Homeopathies and used crystals around the home. I remember attending a Reiki Energy healing session with her as well as numerous yoga classes. I read everything I could get my hands on.

I explored Wiccan during my high school years and found the worship of Nature to resonate soundly with my soul. As my thirst for spirituality grew I was drawn to holistic fairs, clairvoyants, Angels, and Auras. The turbulent times of my teens grew my spirituality in a way, I was always trying to make sense of the world around me. Like many who follow this path, when the world became too much I numbed and for a long time, I was lost. Always seeking, but now I was looking for peace in all the wrong places – trying to block the chaos and uncertainty around me. Becoming sober from Alcohol was the most incredible spiritual experience I had ever found. One day the need to numb in this way left me. My rock bottom led me to a new sense of self-love and back to a path of finding myself again. A little weathered around the edges, wiser in some ways and naïve in many others I again was drawn to personal growth and spirituality.  Prayer and meditation became my bread and water. I discovered connection in the spiritual community – more lasting then anything I had sought in the party lifestyle.

Always I did yoga, even during my darkest times. I found University next and went on a journey of knowledge of a different kind. I found this kind of learning devoid of soul, although fascinating. I completed workshops in Chakra healing alongside my Neuropsychology papers, finding many parallels in my learning. Like different explanations for the same thing. I completed a paper called the Psychology of Religion and dedicated my final years essay to an argument around the differences of Religion versus Spirituality.

Finding myself back in my hometown after my University years, I delved into what I found most fulfilling – the people and experiences which offered me a deeper meaning. I continued to learn and to heal. There was and still is so much to heal! So many layers. Encountering different modalities, I found my groove in local yoga classes, the Nadi Wellness Centre, Ecstatic dance and met incredible therapists of all different walks. I wrote about my experiences with Theta Healing, Reiki and other modalities. I practiced Chakra healing with the Nadi Wellness Centre and made many good friends. And then I had one of those moments. Where something clicks into place and I thought “Why not have all these incredible people and services, this community under one roof?” I wanted people like me to be able to visit a place where they could find their tribe and themselves. That is how the Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown and Surrounds was born. As a place where I can write freely about my passions, my journey and growth. To reach out to others. It is a place where we can all come together to extend ourselves, where we are always Seeking that which feels like coming Home.


  1. Love reading your first blog. I love the idea of bringing as many like-minded souls together as possibles. Lets share our experiences (the good and the bad) and lets grow together.

  2. Beautiful Georgia! Love the feel of this and love reading all about you. Thanks so much for doing this. It’s exactly what we need I reckon!

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