Exploring a Conscious Community


I have been thoroughly enjoying getting to know the wellness community here in Queenstown and Surrounds since launching the website last month. It is truly inspiring to meet those hard at work fostering opportunities for the community to grow their spirituality in whatever way that means to each person. People coming together to discover different ways of doing this fosters a special kind of community, one which is set apart from the general mundane functionality of work, sleep, eat and repeat – those who hunger for more are exciting to be around! Such a community may not be for everyone and for me there is no judgement on that, I just know the type of community I personally want to be involved in and I am finding great joy in discovering this right here in my hometown. As I have written before, I have always tried to involve myself in what I term personal and collective growth which might look like yoga, holistic massage, homeopathy, appreciating Nature, attending workshops and fireside gatherings as well as howling at the Full Moon in my own backyard!

Launching Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds means I have made more room and time in my life for exploring what’s on offer here in Queenstown and the buzzword that I seem to be coming back around too is Community. Community may mean many different things to people. For me it means a sense of belonging and having a purpose which is in line with others around me – that purpose may look different than others but there is an overall connection with the end goal.

This month I have enjoyed my ecstatic dance community, facilitated by Sarsha Hope. We collaborated on the first night back from a wee break and I enjoyed showing people the website and exploring the topic of Community through dance. At the end we formed small groups and discussed what the word community meant to each of us. There was certainly a lot of gratitude for our dance community flowing through the room. One aspect was apparent, that acceptance of who we are featured strongly in the ecstatic dance community. Overall, each participant shows up on a Friday night and feels welcomed onto the floor to be themselves. A true gift in this day and age!

Community wellness was explored at Nadi Wellness Centre one Friday night when Adam Chalmers of Pleasure Wellness held a discussion centered around finding our community support while traveling the spiritual pathway. We spoke of Freedom, personal struggles, coming together and our own stories. This was a powerful experience I was humbled to be a part of.

Wanaka recently held an incredible event free of charge – Wise and Well –  which was a great success with a bigger venue needing to be found – this is indicative of the hunger the community has for wellness and opportunities for growth on offer in this area. People are coming together more so now than ever before. Of course, people who I like to call Seekers have always come together for centuries to explore their spiritual side, with the 60s and 70s being particularly focused on conscious community. I like to think of that time as the adolescent phase of the collective consciousness, rebelling against the mainstream and doing so without restriction! Perhaps now we are maturing slightly in our approach to consciousness. We are coming together amidst interesting times in our world for sure and these times seem more significant than ever to heal our ‘stuff’- It’s exciting!

Finally, the time has come to celebrate the launch of Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds with a party! A celebration of the conscious community we have flourishing here in beautiful Queenstown. I would love to celebrate the therapists we have in this area and to bring Seekers together for an afternoon of wellness. Sherwood is the perfect venue to host this celebration taking place on the 15th of October between 1-5PM.

Mini taster sessions from Therapists who are a part of the ‘Spiritual Seekers’ Directory will be on offer, on a Koha/Donation basis. Classes will be available with registration on the day. I envision a beautiful afternoon enjoying some spring warmth and each others company as we discover the different modalities that help to make up the wellness community of Queenstown. Towards the end I hope there will be dancing and celebrating, as the website has been an incredible journey to bring to fruition and one I wish to personally recognize in the form of merriment with my conscious community – I hope to see you there!


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