Day 2. Becoming

The day started out hard, with the aches of the cold still in us and both kids needy with tiredness. Half way through the day we admitted that this was A LOT harder then we had thought, but that we were determined to make the most. Even if that meant just soaking up the vibe. I found myself unwinding more, even though I felt some frustration at not getting to the classes I wanted to experience. It slowly dawned on me what the lesson within the experience was….I had arrived with expectation and all the harassment of just doing Life. Having the kids meant we were restricted, which I had to accept, and then slowly there came some freedom from that. I melted into the present moment as the day went on, with no agenda other then just experiencing whatever came next. Looking back, that is when the experience really began to transform.

I noticed the village feel, where parents watched over each other’s kids, letting their friends have a break or get to a class. There was a community vibe, smiles all around and a general sense of oneness which began to permeate the beautiful surrounds. Even if we didn’t get to share a conversation with each person, it still felt as though we had engaged in some way just because of the way the space felt and also the fact that the number of festival goers allowed for a sense of intimacy in one regard but there were also enough people to really feel like you were at a party when things got going. Which they did! Another highlight of the festival was catching up with friends who were there as well as making new ones. Our good friends Luca and Tun, with their son Kaya, contributed their Art Installation project to Biophilia and seeing their project unfold over the festival was a highlight. The geometric shaped object featured removable panels with their signature psychedelic and awakened artwork as an outline for all to splash UV paint colour onto, collaboration at its best! The kids especially enjoyed the chance to get creative.

 We made it to a couple of workshops over the afternoon, one being on Awakened Feminity, By Emi Tapley; because so much of the family unit hangs from supporting Mothers in the early years of babies and all the hormonal challenges that surround that, this workshop was one for everybody – partners included! I really appreciated the information which was shared around how our cycle affects us hormonally and how that then relates to spiritual power, energy levels, creativity, and even gives us a chance to heal old wounds from the past. It was an empowering and potent experience. The afternoon gave way to one of my favourite ways to celebrate and de-stress from life in general – Ecstatic Dance. This is something I do most weeks for myself, while my partner takes care of the kids at home. I was really looking forward to involving my family in one of the most enjoyable activities I have ever experienced. For part of the class our toddler was greatly entertained by the Wonky Donky Man, Craig Smith, in one of the other tents. While the adults let loose the kids soaked up one of the most well-known children’s author performances in the country – what a treat! I then collected her for the end of Ecstatic Dance where she joined hands with one of her new friends and shrieked with glee as they jumped up and down to a remixed version of Pink Floyds The Wall. The baby contentedly slept through, snuggled in her Moby wrap next to Dads chest. I leapt, twisted, yahooed and danced all over the place revelling in the energy of all who were involved – we danced hard on that mountain grass as the Sun went down. Afterwards we sorted out the kids, this time we had us all in one tent with extra layers for warmth – it was a lot warmer than the night before thank the Universe! We again enjoyed cruising around the campsite listening to live music and enjoying a bit of chat around the fire. We slept much better through the night and awoke to a heavy dew coating everything outside. As the sun edged its way above the mountains surrounding us the valley was once again flooded with warmth and the final day of Biophilia began…

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