These are changing times. It certainly has felt as though things have been accelerating on a worldwide level and a personal level, the collective and the individual (ego). Its hard to remember to pause and take a deep breath while we ride the next wave of change as it sweeps us up. The bandied about term the ‘new normal’ feels a contradiction in terms, normal being uncertainty and upheaval. If anything, this has been the case through the ages but today, it feels like its ramped up and more intense then ever before.

Mass structures of belief systems are being questioned and exposed on a larger scale than ever before, as we see how connected with are to a network of information as well as know how manipulated that system is, how vulnerable we are to our information being collected and used as a way to implement control.

Yet we feel more free than ever before in many ways as well. People are using this experience to dive deep, to examine for themselves an inner truth and to make sense of that truth as it is reflected out there, in the collective consciousness. Question are being asked on all levels and the search for answers is epic.

Of course, for such a thing to occur it takes a mass undoing. So ends are being experienced now, in all their bewildering shades. As Autumn brings with it a colorful death of the green of Summer in the South, we remember how the old must die before the new can be birthed. And yes, it is as painful and magnificent as labor and then birth itself, but once on the other side we may wonder who we even were before – we have stepped into a whole new level of being a Creator.

Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds has been created for this region to make it easier to connect with conscious community – yoga, ecstatic dance, workshops in chakra balancing, past life regression, therapies such as massage, reiki, life coach services and many more alternative, wellness businesses have come together in this online space, so you the Seeker can find what you have been looking for, as all of these tools are only that – valuable resources to awaken you to your highest potential and make that journey back to your inner, true self. We connect with others outside of ourselves in order to reflect that inner part of ourselves moving towards healing and wholeness.

In my last few years here in Queenstown, my birth town, I have seen a huge number of these services and events increasing, as more and more people embrace the journey back to themselves. I have had the absolute privilege and pleasure to experience events such as Cacao Ceremonies, Women’s Circles, Festivals like Biophilia, Ecstatic Dance on the regular, therapies such as Aromatherapy, Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing and so so many more….I have enjoyed writing up my experiences of these and having readers resonant with my journey as well as help to promote such services. My goal is to facilitate the connection between healer and client, between the community as people growing together and between us all as spiritual beings here having a human experience.

What an honor it has been!

Which is why it is with such a mixture of sadness and excited anticipation I announce an ending of Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds – and a Rebirth to Spiritual Seekers Guide to the Coromandel. I am making the move North with my daughters at the end of this month, amidst the chaos of uncertainty at this time I am choosing to head where my heart is calling, back to the Ocean and nearer to my family, in a more affordable situation in order to build up to my dream of living fully off grid on my Mum’s land in the Far North.

This pull to fulfill our dreams is mighty in many that I see and am experiencing at this time. I am choosing to listen to that inner knowing and act as though the time is NOW and there is no more time to stay stuck, so that the next chapter opens before me – and I step onto a blank page.

I have my ideas and dreams, visions – for now I am imagining a smooth transition, as the emotions well up and I sit within the mountains thanking them for their strength. The past five years has seen much, accelerated growth through challenges never before experienced, I have forged a path in Motherhood, experienced the outcome of unhealthy relationship patterns and gone through the transformation experienced from losing one’s parent.

As I have journey’d, the community I have here, within the platform I have built has held me like the vessel it is – fed my enquiry and extended to others on their own journey who have connected with my words and found their own through using this platform as a guide.

I will forever be changed by this.

So as we journey Northward, I see a rebirth of this website as a guide to others in this new area, where my heart has already settled. I look forward to bringing the same service to that area and hopefully expanding outward – who knows, Spiritual Seekers Guide to New Zealand may be on the horizon and ready to embrace the Wakatipu once more – watch this space and please continue the support! I could not have done any of it without you, the Seekers and you, the Wayshowers. Remember, we are both and we are one.

The Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds Facebook page will remain, with a new one being activated. Keep up the love there, as any local events or therapists are able to be shared on that page; the website itself will change location.

As we head towards the end of May, and into Winter – hibernation and incubation of that seed of potential we are have – Hold tight, remember that all is Love and you are right where you are meant to be at all times…..Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds will be showcasing previous blogs from here until we relocate – so enjoy a trip down memory lane and see how far we have come, together. Bless!

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