Rachel Price of Reiki Hub Queenstown describes herself as an Intuitive Physic, Shamanic Healer. She works with Integrative Quantum Medicine™, Bi Optron Color Light Therapy, Card readings and  is a qualified Massage Therapist as well as Reiki Master/Teacher. A session with Rachel means that a powerful toolkit is accessed with the client experiencing the modality which will most benefit them through intuitive means. Therefore, going to see Rachel has an air of mystery around it. There is no need to know basis – I felt this as I drove through her tree lined driveway to my first session with Rachel. I anticipated that it would be powerful and I was certainly excited. Not knowing exactly what to expect felt thrilling and I had a sense of just going with the flow – which is unfamiliar to lil ol control freak me!

It was nice to notice this as Rachel opened the door to her beautiful home, I felt the session would unfold with much synchronicity and flow. I had arrived an hour early and I passed some very satisfied clients on the way in. Rachel took this in her stride and offered me some of her chicken salad she was about to munch on in her big country kitchen. I relaxed into the environment and we made the most of some extra time to get to know one another. I had heard of Rachel for awhile and had an urge to meet her. When we bumped into one another at the Arrowtown Holistic Spiritual Fair I learned the feeling was mutual and we made a plan to meet up the following week. I soon discovered we could have easily talked away the entire day as we discussed everything from the current state of consciousness on the planet, Archangels, the Akashic records (which she calls the Akash) and Trump. We spoke of the time of Witches and how that collective wound continues to unfold and how it is being healed. These are the kind of conversations which leave me feeling enlivened and excited, slightly disturbed, but mainly I absolutely love these topics and being able to dive deep with someone who has been around the spiritual block.

Rachel recounted to me how she first came to the area, a Solo Mama of three, with her baby on her hip. She had spent a lifetime converting council buses and other vehicles into homes and had also traveled around with what was known as the Mainland Housetruckers Fair. These facts made me like Rachel immensely all the more. We finally found a pause in our flow of conversation and it felt as though it was time to begin the session. Rachel led me up to her beautiful treatment room. The atmosphere immediately made me feel as though I was I was in a space where I would be supported through a healing process. A lot has been coming for me lately – the catchphrase of the past few years, for most of us I would hazard a guess – and a theme had begun to emerge around the feminine, my ancestral lineage and the “Mother” journey. This year has been the most challenging of my life with my second daughter being born – balanced against the incredible gift that she is, has come mind blowing growth. Having battled with a sense of anxiety for as long as I can remember, being a Mum has stepped this up in some ways and humbled me in many others. In the past month, with the repetitive movements I carry out each day, a terrible office set up and carrying my one year old around on my hip means my left side has been in a state of pain. I knew how my left side related to the feminine. I have also been aware of it coming up to my baby’s first birthday and that I was due to give a speech on Post Natal Depression at a Perinatal Health Conference. As I stood before my audience I noticed the pain had lifted, although it did return after I celebrated at Ecstatic Dance that night. Two days later and I was on Rachel’s table explaining some of my journey.

We had begun the session with a cleansing using homegrown white sage, I knew of this type of ritual for cleansing the energetic field but I learnt that there is a second purpose in which Rachel explained that while she is working with otherworldy beings during the healing session, that they needed the vibration of the space to be lifted so that it is more tolerable. It is an important part of setting the scene so that Rachel’s ‘dream team’ can come through to aid in the healing. Rachel made it clear that under no circumstances was she solely responsible for the healing which took place, but that “we are all healers” and she can uncover so much but that it is up to the client what they are willing to heal and how far the healing will go. She begins with an in depth energy scan which reveals various issues which are commonplace in energy healing work. She can remove energetic hooks, initiate healing of energetic blocks and get to the bottom of the root cause of emotional wounding. Her work is thorough and she clearly explains what she is doing and its purpose. I felt I was in competent hands and I relaxed into the session as Rachel went through my layers. Rachel experiences past life memories and intuition from the client and is “spiritually directed – it’s not me who is doing the work.” She always finds that Archangel Michel is present at each session and usually the spirit of Jesus as he was known. She advised me that these two Beings had stepped into the session. I found myself drifting into a more relaxed state when I noticed slight pressure on my right side – I remembered the crystal Rachel had placed there. I opened my eyes slightly and saw her a good metre and a half away from the bed, working away at removing an energetic hook from my left shoulder. I turned my head and saw the crystal on the pillow next to my head. I asked Rachel if there was anything else on my body as what I was feeling was incredible so I did not want to disturb the feeling by sitting up in amazement! She asked me what I was feeling. I felt the pressure increasing until I could discern the shape of hands gently moving across my torso. I couldn’t quite believe it but as I silenced my doubt, the feeling only increased and Rachel smiled happily explaining to me that I was becoming more sensitive to energy and the spiritual realm so that such experiences would increase.

I feel changed as a result. I have always known there is more to this world then what meets the eye but my direct experiences have been limited. The healing session with Rachel has been truly life and spirit affirming and I am grateful for the opportunity that was created by Rachel and her skills. I found much peace from the session as Rachel explained to me what she was picking up on in regards to my past life experiences – much of it made sense to me as to why an uneasy anxiety peppers my mothering experience. As we begun to tackle root causes after clearing some less serious energetic clutter, Rachel commented that for today the work would need to pause – this stuff is ancient and as much as I want to be ready to let go of the fears holding me back, what was evident is that I am not quite there yet. I will be heading back to see Rachel as a part of the same session follow up in couple of weeks time. I felt this was a display of integrity on Rachel’s part as she did not want to rush the process and we had already spent the entire afternoon together. I feel it is no accident that I am now on a two week break in the Bay of Islands, at my Mothers home which is close to my Maori heritage Whenua (land)  – my Mothers female lineage is originally Maori as well as Scottish. I feel prepared for this break away and spiritually supported. As I go along in this journey, this journey of integration of all the parts of me, I am so very fortunate to happen across people who offer up themselves in service to the spiritual journey. Rachel is an exceptional person in this field, who feels like an old friend after half a day. We closed the session with a card reading in which the messages tied in beautifully with what had come up during our time together. The first, delightedly, was ‘A New Dawn’, the second was ‘Wait’ and the final one was ‘You are being Helped’. Of course!

Upon my return to Reiki Hub Queenstown I will complete a follow up blog so keep an eye out! 


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