SEEKER CONTENT – Copy and Social Media Content Services



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Basic Package –
* Directory Listing on Spiritual Seekers Guide to
Queenstown & Surrounds
*Announcement and Promotion on Social Media

Silver Package: (As Above +)
* Copy + Content for your website landing page
*Copy + Content for promotional materials

Gold Package: (As Above +)
* Specific campaign and promotion of your
business and your events –
Includes Event Listing on Spiritual Seekers Guide
to Queenstown & Surrounds

Extra Services:
Seeker Content works with So So Create to deliver
you a complete package of copy + content for
your business needs, event promotion, Listings on
our website Directory + Events calendar PLUS
Logo and Branding Design by So So Create


Curated Services for Well Being Businesses:

Social Media Packages –
Dont have the time to be maintaining your online presence? Let Seeker Content
take care of that! We get to know your brand and business intimately and post on
your behalf – giving you time and space to do what you love best!
*Discount for monthly sign ups.
Weekly options available with a rate of $45 per week

Event and Therapist Reviews –
An incredibly powerful tool for marketing and promoting your events and
Seeker Content attends your event or experiences your service and then creates
an insightful blog review. These have been found to have a powerful impact on
business, with new clients being reached as the blog is promoted throughout
social media.
$125 per review, includes boosted posts on Facebook

Testimonial From Reiki Hub – Rachel Price:
(Therapists review). “Since then (the review) I have picked up 4 extra
clients and I am still receiving extra inquires from others that have heard
through these extra clients of what I offer. I boosted the review Georgia
wrote about my business and have also had clients say it was seen. And
that’s all they needed to see, as they have felt the need to book for a while
but they were unsure of what they needed. Magnetism is what that is
called. I defiantly recommend that your hire Georgia to review you.”


Copy Rates –
For general business copy, specific to your business and brand, Seeker Content
charges $45 per hour.


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