Arriving at Paula’s home clinic, Natural Healing, was a pleasurable experience the moment I entered. Paula is fortunate to have dedicated an area of her home to what makes a well set out healing space with nice energetic flow. You are welcomed into her waiting area and invited to fill out a form detailing your expectations for the session and offered any other additional information you would like.

We move through to Paula’s office which makes me feel as though I am in experienced and careful care as I can see how much diligence Paula practices with each of her clients. Her healing room is warm, relaxing and puts me at ease immediately. I sink into the massage table and follow Paula’s relaxation suggestions.

What followed was a deeply blissful healing session with Paula guiding my body back to a state of natural flow. Reiki can be described as ‘Universal Life Force energy.’ The healer is the vessel from which this energy flows from the source into the client, Paula made this clear – that she is but the  go-between who is grateful to carry out such simple yet effective healing work. During the session I felt as though I was in a deeply relaxed state, with warmth flowing through my body. I felt sleepy yet ‘aware.’ I did subside into a dreamy state during one stage, feeling totally relaxed. My head buzzed with a vibration of warmth throughout and I felt huge amounts of heat in the bottom on my feet. It was a feeling of being worked on energetically which I am familiar with from other energy healing experiences.

At the end of the session – a full hour of peaceful, restorative ‘me’ time – Paula led me back through to the waiting room in a circular fashion. I came out the other side of the healing room feeling relaxed and ‘softer’ yet also revived and awake. We sat down to discuss the session.

“If people ask me what is the most beneficial tool you can use to help yourself, I always say to them to get yourself Level 1 Reiki.” Says Paula.

We agreed that there is a difference in receiving a Reiki session and the value in such an experience is immense. Ideally you would be wanting to practice Reiki on yourself and loved ones in the home but also get yourself a full hour Reiki session as a top up to wellness, regularly. Paula reflected on how the session felt for her and anything she perceived which would be helpful for me to know. What she had to say resonated with me and we agreed to a follow up Bi-Optron Color Light Therapy session in two weeks’ time. She had suggested support for my digestive area, which includes hormonal balancing – something that is needing my attention and that I have been on a journey with of late. Three days prior I had experienced an intensely emotional situation, so my stomach had been roiling for two days straight – I was very pleased that Paula intuitively picked up on this and advised we give attention to that area at my next session. She also works with Flower essence remedies, as mentioned above and she sometimes feels called to work with these with clients after a healing session.

I returned home feeling energized and buoyant and I slept well that night. Ongoing benefits relate to the body being in a state of harmony. Although life still comes along, I feel I am able to respond to challenges in a slightly more resilient and balanced way. I feel the healing continued through the weekend as I experienced a restful time meeting my needs

No matter what type of healing you experience with Paula, you feel well looked after and cared for, a valuable experience which was uplifting and rejuvenating as well as soothing after doing a bit of emotional processing!

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Natural Healing – Paula Petersen



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