Following my session with Paula in which I experienced her Reiki treatment, I came back to see her for a session of Bi Optron Colour Light Therapy at her cosy treatment rooms in Arrowtown.

We had discussed the type of programs which are offered through the treatment which is known as ‘The Light’ by practitioners and can address all types of conditions and ailments. The colour program which Paula recommended for me was the Digestive program and consisted of different colours over certain areas of the body and some main acupuncture points.

People who undergo the treatment often report a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. The digestive program specifically works on the centre of the body – its the area where processing takes place from an emotional point of view. “Going out into life with more solidity and from a place which is grounded” is how Paula explains the restored and vitalised experience of balancing this area with the ‘program’ she planned to use on me.

With a major public speech on the agenda for me that week, I was looking forward to seeing how the benefits of this treatment would show up for me – speaking publicly is enough to unnerve anyone so I was grateful for any assistance in which I may benefit and feel capable of telling my story to a group of strangers.

Paula and I began by discussing how the previous treatment had been for me over the following days, which was a nice opportunity to reflect and bought us to a great place to begin the session. Bi Optron Colour Light therapy has been shown to work by addressing imbalances at a cellular level through the use of healing light colours, which are infused with living messages derived from crystals and plants, all healing vibrations of mother nature. Cells absorb the colour and change their structure to reflect that of a whole and balanced organism. It has been described as a powerful healing experience in short space of time.

The experience was brief although with Paula’s expertise I felt very attended to and it was clear her intent had a powerful healing message behind it. I relaxed into the session and concentrated on my breathing while she placed the lights over my stomach area, my back and feet. The digestive program is fantastic at helping to regulate the hormonal system, help with digestive issues and accelerated self-healing of the body can take place due to the removal of toxins from cells. From a more emotional perspective it can be reported that some people experience the shifting of emotional barriers or blocks. *

At the end of the session I met with Paula back in her reception area. We discussed how the experience went and what others have found from that program. I felt that I would gain confidence going forward with the rest of the week, being the New Moon the following night I also felt I would find more clarity and insight due to the purging and healing effects of ‘The Light.’ Paula advised lots of water and to begin and end my day with lemon water to aid in the detoxing and digestive benefits of the program.

In the days that followed I could notice certain purging effects of my digestive system, I didn’t feel this was in an unhealthy sense, but it was a noticeable effect! I noticed that at a time of the month where I would normally be feeling quite vulnerable I moved more effortlessly through events. Life challenges which would normally ‘ruffle’ me were easier to manage. Such as the speech I gave a few days later. I certainly felt some normal nerves which to me are signs that I am invested in something, but overall, I had a steady sense of calm and I felt supported, as though I had tapped into some inner confidence. Slightly longer term and I found that I had a bout of loose bowls and a stomach churning upset, along with a loss of appetite. As drastic as this sounds, it did not affect my day to day activities and I kept getting the intuitive message that I was processing a lot of emotions. I also had a healing session with another therapist who works in a shaman way, so I feel this heightening the effects somewhat. Overall I felt I was able to be in a place of observation and reflection more than reaction, (which is more familiar to me) I would definitely have another session at times where extra support is required in life, which seems to be often!


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