Over the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed attending workshops run by incredible woman offering their knowledge and skills to participants.

Just Breathe –

The first was the ‘From Body to the Mind, Breathe Workshop’, run by Clarissa Benke of GoYoga. A group of us gathered on a cold winters night at the community rooms in Arrowtown to learn about relaxation techniques to help quieten our busy minds. Personally I have always struggled with episodes of depression and anxiety, with anxiety being more present in my life as a busy Mother in my 30’s. I have found many ways to manage depressive episodes, even finding these somewhat helpful in that I find I retreat from the busy world and come out the other side more humbled, this isn’t the case for many though and I differentiate between long dark periods which are counter productive and shorter periods of withdrawal from the world at large. These days I struggle more with managing anxiety, so the main reason I attended this workshop was to learn practical and simple ways to manage everyday stress and anxiety. I always enjoy learning in a group situation and I feel there is an energy or vibe that is perceived in the workshop, created by each being that is in attendance – there is a term for this – ‘collective effervescence’ and its one of the main aspects I enjoy in a workshop setting. We began the workshop by enjoying some warming aromatherapy, through the inhalation of Peppermint – a great choice for a chilly winters night! We discussed the research being presented to us about how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are all interrelated, with particular emphasis on the mind/body connection. Clarissa led us through some simple yet powerful techniques to access different states of being through using the breath. I felt gifted with five different ways to change my state of being. I noticed effects instantly. We also indulged in meditative techniques and again I was amazed at how such a simple technique could cause such a noticeable effect. We were left with a challenge to practice our newfound techniques for 30 days. I was enthusiastic about this but I have found it hard to maintain, discipline not being my strongest point!

On the days I have practiced I have found a definite difference in my way of relating to my day as it unfolds. My biggest challenge is finding time around my demanding, beautiful toddler! I would love to begin my day with a short meditation, but instead I begin it with love snuggles from my beautiful girl as she joins me in bed each morning, so you know, I am totally blessed regardless! It is up to me to create space in the day to find a few moments of peace and of course this is easier at night when I am busy catching up on the things I haven’t been able to do throughout the day. Meditative practice is not a priority but I would like to change this.

Moon Magick – 

Different times of the month affect me in different ways and I have always felt a deep connection to the energies of the moon, available to us throughout each month. Every two weeks we experience a New Moon or a Full Moon (the other phases of the moon are also significant). This months Full Moon in Aquarius was a big one for many, with the celestial event termed The Lions Gate being a major player in the energies playing out within our solar system. I was very blessed to be invited to a gathering of woman, some whom I knew. The setting was intimate and warm. We were guided through some stunning meditations and some shared their experiences. Different spreads of intuitive cards were available to have a play with and we were gifted with bags of cleansing Epsom salts infused with essential blends. Danielle Argent held the space for the rest of us to celebrate the energies of this powerful moon. A well known Wellness Practitioner, Danielle always leaves a lasting impression created by a beautiful experience. I find Danielle to be gentle, warm and inclusive of all. As she closed the circle of moon goddesses she spoke of hoping to create an occasion where we meet regularly (along with any others who are interested) and where different people facilitate the space so that a different experience was offered each time. I felt excited at this prospect and as we farewell a long winter and begin to feel the celebration of the warmer months I anticipate more gatherings outdoors, bathing in the cosmic beams available to us.

These experiences were deeply rewarding and for me, this is what I am here to do. To experience with others that which nurtures the growth of the spirit, of the being that I AM. In each teacher I see an aspect of myself – a piece of the puzzle of which we are all a part of. I feel humbled and appreciative of these woman who each bought forth these workshops for others to enjoy. I look forward to discovering more with the rest of the Seeker tribe here in Queenstown!


  1. Hi ! Im Clarissa and I run Goyoga Mobile yoga studio in Queenstown.
    Last year I did a Workshop “From the body to the mind” Georgia came along and she wrote a great insight about the workshop that helped participants to know what is all about.
    Through S.S guide people can get to know this information nice and easy and best the best part is having Georgia to use her amazing talent and write for you.
    Thank you

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