Wow, we are certainly diving deep at this time in our lives! As we reach the April Full Moon in Libra, still reeling from all the worldwide shifts the March Full Moon kicked off, we have gone from an outer focus – what is happening ‘out there’ – to a more inward focus. We sit with ourselves, cut off from the distraction of the busy To Do’s. Life slows.

The Full Moon in Libra is here to remind us of balance and we are forced into the more yin, slower paced life en mass at this time. What is stirring as you slumber? What dreamlike visions are surfacing for you now?

Libra is the master of balance and harmonizing. It is the steward of justice, inner and outer reflection. As the world shifts and transforms, adjusting to a ‘new normal’ means balancing our outer and inner lives as well. How can we give to ourselves so that we can ride out this time of uncertainty with integrity and wisdom?

This will be showing up in our relationship with ourselves – especially our shadow selves and within our relationships with others, the lack of physical contact may mean you are feeling isolated despite all the well meaning messages abounding to ‘reach out and connect.’ Maybe we are being shown our relationship with ourselves and those in our ‘bubble’ need to be attended to now.

As we grow and evolve, along with the planet – know that uncertainty is a part of the process and this period where everything feels tipped upside down will eventually right itself, as scales tend to do – a timely reminder in the sign of Libra that this Full Moon is bringing forth.

Know that there is guidance within yourself, and this is an opportunity to tune in. You may also find guidance outside of yourself in the form of way showers, teachers, healers…all who are a reflection of your own innate wisdom. This afternoon I received a surprise opportunity to receive a distant healing session with Dion Freeman of Healing Aotearoa and the Hometree Project – the timing could not be better. I had been wanting a booking with Dion since we had to cancel our in person session just after the lock down. Going into lock down with my recent ex partner whom I share kids with was pretty overwhelming to say the least. I reached out to connect with Dion on a gut feeling that his services would be of huge support. It just so happened that I heard back from Dion the day before the Super Moon in Libra – he offered myself and my ex partner ‘energy harmonizing’ distance healing sessions which were exactly what my soul was yearning for. I review Dion’s service in an upcoming therapist review blog. Dion is doing distance healing sessions at a reduced rate at this time of worldwide transformation. You can access his services here:

Finally, as with every Full Moon, especially a Super Moon such as this one and the one before, self care is crucial. Below are some ways that you can ready yourself to make the most of the Super Moon in Libra:

  • Cleanse your home by smudging – you can use white sage, palo santo or incense. Walk around your home in a clockwise direction. You can say out loud as you go – “I now ask that all lower based energy is transmuted to a higher source, cleanse this home of all that does not serve those who dwell here. I now invite in a higher energy of love and divine light, to bless this home and all those who dwell here.”
  • You can also smudge/cleanse you own energetic field and those of your friends/family who live with you – asking to be cleansed of anything that no longer serves you and to be blessed with renewed energy and vitality. This is especially good to do in light of strengthening your immunity and your physical body. You can ask for extra protection against any outside force which may weaken you. The idea is basically to rid yourself of old, bogged down energy and to invite in fresh energy which resonates with Love and Light.
  • Extend this to taking a bath or a shower with Epsom Salts on the day or the evening of the Full Moon. When you empty the bath or just before ending your shower, you can imagine all that no longer serves you, all the stagnant energy from the past month, being washed down the plug hole. Bye bye! We are making room for a new cycle…
  • It is energizing and healing to visit Nature on the day of the Full Moon – any day really! But especially at this time, to recharge yourself as a Full Moon can zap your energy levels. It is a time of processing and integrating, so there is no surprise you may feel a bit flattened. The antidote for this is Mother Nature and her ability to recharge us like batteries. I promise, if you spend an afternoon being in Nature by the time the evening rocks around you will be in the mood to celebrate that beautiful Moon!
  • As the evening draws nearer, put on some special threads to celebrate the Full Moon. Silver, navy blue, white and black are all ‘moon’ colors to utilize. Wear your fancy jewelry and really treat this as the special occasion that it is….
  • Now that you are prepared to greet the Super Moon in Libra you can customize a ritual in honor of the Full Moon. There are many resources available for this online and in various books. You can check out past Star Gazer blogs for more inspiration, OR try something new and join an Online Full Moon Ceremony, here is one that the wonderful witchy woman Sarsha Hope is leading along with Christina Gagnier tomorrow night – We certainly are living in interesting times with conscious community at our fingertips, so make the most and dive in!

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