Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds has a new sister business! Seeker Content has been borne out of the need found in the Well Being industry for quality content and marketing services. As Queenstown’s only dedicated spiritual and alternative directory, events calendar and blog space – working with businesses in the Wakatipu and surrounds, it has become clear that while there are so many incredible individuals, services, events and movements popping off – the people behind all of this momentum are juggling all aspects of a thriving business. In today’s business environment an online presence is crucial to your reach and achieving your business goals. The number one goal appears to be growth for many out there in the community.

Whether you are a yoga teacher offering training, an industry leader gaining more recognition nationwide, a reflexologist new to Queenstown and just starting up or a Koha based Yoga hiking group – online marketing and promotion is what gets ‘you’ and what you are doing out there to the world at large. There is so much information out before us these days, which means that the information being given to your audience must be of a certain calibre and quality. Aint no one got any time for poorly put together premises which do not get the message across – I know that is blunt but the point is, time and space are precious commodities in today’s marketing world. Your audience needs to be ‘choosy’ with what they give their attention to. Therefore, when you are operating full steam ahead and possibilities are popping off, collabs on offer, classes to run and workshops to hold then it can get a little overwhelming. You might find yourself just banging out a bit of info about yourself and chucking up a Facebook event – most people who are operating as solo Well Being businesses and brands will fall into these categories – you are either a whizkid at words but getting so successful there is just NO time to maintain an online presence or get that marketing and promotion up to the level you know it needs to be at. Or you are really great at what you do, again successful and getting bigger as the weeks go on but you have NO idea how to do this marketing and promotional  stuff. These practitioners/teachers//therapists always shyly look away when making this comment to me, ‘I have no idea how to market myself or what to say about my services….’

This is where Seeker Content comes in. I have had such a privilege getting to know so many incredible Well Being businesses in the past year of developing the platform Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds, there are so many incredible, gifted people and events happening here in our community. I am passionate about creating a space where all that is on offer can be found – which is where the site Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds serves the conscious community. But as I went along developing the site I found getting people on board to be more difficult then I had  first thought. Something seemed to be missing – people had no time. I found that many didn’t know where to start when it came to getting themselves seen and heard. Seeker Content is linked to the site but a separate service provider – so that the platform can serve as one tool, of many, that can help boost businesses potential. After all, behind all of this is the drive of each of us to spread far and wide, follow our calling, come together and make this human experience the best we can make it. And I think that is crucial at this time.

Seeker Content works to expose your business to the people seeking. Seeking no longer means just looking outside of yourself for the answers or for the right tools. Its about rediscovering who we are and meeting glorious, wonderful teachers, wayshowers, other people interested in growth and taking our place in the world.

Another way in which Seeker Content is having well measured impact on local businesses is through blog reviews. Seeker Content experiences your service or your event and then creates a clear, conscious and informative review – people read an original inspired blog which shares a personal experience and will then seek out your business and/or sign up for your events.

Below are are recent testimonials which share how reviews are having immediate impact on businesses:

“Stunning is how I would describe Georgia’s reviews. She is both a poet and a truth teller, who weaves together words with clarity and impact.  Georgia has written two articles now on what I offer, both of which have had a substantial, noticeable and positive effects on my business.” Sarsha Hope – Hope Wellness & Queenstown Ecstatic Dance.

“Georgia writes with such honesty and with such gentleness, she picks up on things within our time together that amazed me. There is a rawness in her words and how she puts everything together is beautiful.”  Michelle Carpenter – Waves of Joy.
“I am testifying to the impact Georgia Todd’s write up/blog on the Spiritual Seekers site has had on my business, Reiki Hub
Queenstown, in a short amount of time, less than a week in fact. Georgia received a personalised healing session from myself to understand what I offer. In return she wrote an amazing review of what she experienced for the site. Since then I have picked up 4 extra clients and I am still receiving extra inquires from others that have heard through these extra clients of what I offer. I boosted the review on Facebook, which Georgia also did on her Social Media pages – I have also had clients say it was seen. And that’s all they needed to see as they had felt the need to book in for a while but they were unsure. Magnetism is what that is called. I definitely recommend you hire Georgia to review a session of what you do. This typeof collaboration is beautiful. Georgia is a very talented writer who is passionate about all things spiritual and Quantum. I highly recommend this service to all Therapists. Rachel Price, Reiki Hub Queenstown.
You can visit Seeker Content on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Seeker-Content-254414398546940
The site spiritualseeker.co.nz also has a service page where you can read about and book in a service or event review –
more is being developed on the site around these services.
Alternatively, contact spiritualseekerqt@gmail.com to receive an email with Seeker Content packages.

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