Collective Courses, run by Deborah Coburn aims to connect people with the best version of themselves that is possible. Deborah is passionate about people, community and wellness and has combined her passions to run engaging, lively workshops which draw on the art of story telling to illustrate her themes around self-discovery.

Myself and my partner attended the ‘Getting Connected Mindfully’ program on Sunday in Cromwell along with a group of 16 people. This means that the workshop feels small enough that we could connect with others there but not large enough as to feel a bit ‘lost.’ Deborah runs another workshop described as a ‘step up’ from ‘Getting Connected Mindfully,’ which is called ‘Getting Connected Together,’ this workshop has more limited numbers which allows participants to really focus on relationship building and techniques which create positive communication.

‘Getting Connected Mindfully’ ran for 4 hours and was a fantastic primer for the longer workshop “Getting Connected Together.’ We arrived at the premise in Cromwell and were asked collectively, “How do we create a better version of ourselves,” which meant diving deeper while referring to our ‘map’ of ourselves. Deborah draws on her many skills from working as a Hairdressing Salon Owner, to having written a book while on a retreat overseas and her training as an NLP practitioner. NLP stands for Neuro – Linguistic Programming. Challenging damaging belief systems is part of the work, but first, we must become aware of what those concepts are and how they play out in our lives. Deborah used many different stories to illustrate her points which was a great way to learn. We learnt about our conscious and unconscious selves; how powerful the unconscious is was uncovered when we closed our eyes and carried out ‘The Lemon Exercise.’

Once we had enjoyed a short break with yummy treats and cups of tea and coffee we began to learn more about areas of the brain which can be harnessed to create a life of fulfillment. This was inspirational to learn about and easily employed in everyday life. These understandings again illustrated the power of the unconscious and how we can reap the gifts of our intuition through understanding how it works better.

The rest of the session covered the differences between our gifts and our fears, with a reflection on where we sit most of the time in everyday life, frequency wise. I found this really helpful to give some time to – am I in the frequency of resistance and fear or trust and joy? We discussed our core family beliefs and the power of language around these, old sayings like ‘Your no good for nothing,’ and “Nothing comes easy,’ can be understood to be limiting and can affect us unconsciously throughout our adult lives. This then lead to the roles we play as adults, do we react or respond? Deborah bought us back to thinking about how creativity, the offspring of intuition can truly help us out when things aren’t going too well in life. We can either sit in the ‘poor me’ belief system or get creative and do something about it. This is when true change comes into play.

Finally, we discussed Love. As it always comes back to that. Deborah let us know about the next workshop which focuses more on this and left us with a great quote of hers;

“Communication is the glue which keeps Love together.”

Getting Connected Mindfully was a great way to examine, mindfully, our most important relationship – with ourselves and how that basis then affects all of our relationships. Deborah is entertaining and engaging as well as informative and her passion for this knowledge truly shines. She also fundraisers for The Ronald McDonald House through running Collective Courses and she raised $850.00 through Getting Connected Mindfully, which is a huge part of why she does what she does.

Deborah plans to run Getting Connected Mindfully in various South Island Locations early next year as well as Getting Connected Together, which myself and my partner look forward to.

There will be an event link on this blog once the information is confirmed. You can visit to view past and upcoming events.


  1. Wow, this sounds great Georgia. Debra gave me her book to read years ago when she was in the Salon. Keen to go along next time.x

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