We have passed the half way point of the year, Solstice and the shortest day/night here in the southern hemisphere, the point where we begin the journey back to warmer months and the light. The first half of this year has been every bit a challenge as the infamous 2018, it just seems to get more hectic as we are asked to grow in ways unfathomed. Meeting our shadow aspects along the way is a well known part of the journey to healing and self discovery. With Winter Solstice not far behind us and the challenges of some heavy situations weighing on me, I reflected on what that means to me – to acknowledge the more darker aspects of growth, the parts which have us being forced to address ‘needs’ needing to be met. Shaking hands with anxiety, worry and fear – self sabotage showing up when things are going well….big stuff in life like five weeks of family travel with your toddler and preschooler, a parent being diagnosed with a terminal illness thrown in the mix…yes 2019 thus far has sent me to the depths of my darkest imaginings, worst case scenarios – not being able to fathom a world without certain certainties.

After we touched down among the mountains of my home, my birthplace of Queenstown after a 5 week trip of a lifetime to meet my partners family in the UK and introduce their grandkids, we had a chance to get into our beautiful backyard of stunning nature and ground into being home – I experienced a newfound joy in what we have carved out here, our community, loved ones, a home that we have made ours….even though we went from Summer to Winter in the deep south I felt appreciative of being back, more so then I had expected as I had loved travelling – it was one of the most challenging experiences I have had, in myself and with my partner and kids but we have come back with new growth between us and within our family. New perspective creates shift and bonds have deepened all round. I am appreciative my parent is here too, on my return – and now I have time to spend with them and to make that count. The journey ahead into the light will have its time of challenges as all ascents do – its exhausting but worth it if the climb can be done with some consciousness. These times where we acknowledge the Solstice and how far we have come this year, where we have perhaps struggled and hurt – are a guide for the path ahead. As I threw a stone into the river before me that Solstice day, I acknowledged the moments I didn’t feel proud of, where I had even felt some shame – parenting moments, partner moments, lack of self care at times where it was sorely needed…..and I concentrated those moments into that stone, flinging it into the arctic waters of the river that runs through my backyard. It felt good to tangibly let go.

Moving forward with awareness, that the road ahead may still be bumpy but as the darker months of winter fade behind us, we can make the most of the light before us to help us along the way. Letting go, to me, doesn’t mean to just sweep it away and forget about moments which may have been ourselves at our weakest, or most hurt. It’s important to take this lesson but not carry it like a weight, to acknowledge, forgive oneself for such a ‘slip up’ and know more opportunities present us daily to make a different, more resourced choice.

The light and forward momentum of the next 6 months can shape how we experience our growth. By acknowledging our journey and supporting ourselves in recognizing where we need it and to shine a light on those places needing a little more nurturing.

Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds has been a little more quiet then I had imagined going into 2019, due to the aforementioned family challenges and travel abroad. I’ve kept coming back here to anchor myself with this community I am hoping to help build and now things are settling into a new rhythm going forward into the second half of the year I hope to continue the momentum – being away has inspired me to reconnect in many ways. But I also appreciate the shifts that occur in nature, our cycles as women and our busy lives. Its Ok to take a step back where needed, to ignore the pressure we are constantly under to create more, more content to be consumed by us all, endlessly searching for more. I realize through stepping back for a time that all is not lost in doing so – yes, I could have pushed myself to create at a time when it only felt like added pressure but then the opportunities which are now opening up before me may not have occurred – and now that I feel more ready then ever to get back involved in those things which light me up, fuel me – in preparation for a more ‘out there’ experience of life as we move into Spring and all that comes with the fresh energy of creation.

With that spirit in mind as well as Spiritual Seekers constant passion for community, we have exciting collaborations coming your way – a new blog space opening up with guest blogger, new workshop events in collab with QT Collective, called Seeker Saturdays, new therapists and services to explore and write about and most of all, please do support this local platform for conscious community growth. This platform is here for YOU, you as a wellness business owner looking for free advertising and support for promotions of your business, as well as blog reviews. YOU as a Seeker who is looking to meet up with like minded people, see what events are on and explore a directory holding all of Queenstown’s alternative, holistic, growth orientated practitioners and the wellness community at large. We all know how much we grow when we get together to learn alongside one another – this is your online space to continue growing that village…. ‘that which we seek is seeking us..’

…..You have arrived


  1. Well said. Hopefully the community will realise that collaboration is necessary and preferable to competition…

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