The sign of Scorpio brings us the final Super Moon before Eclipse season, with a focus on endings, honoring of the path that has led us to this moment and as an opportunity to face our fears of the ‘unknown’ as we step into a new chapter.

The last two full moons were also Super Moons, and looking around we can see the extreme influence that they have bought us in the form of upheaval and disruption. Understandings have been coming to us in the middle of all the chaos and confusion and now is the time to make sense of what our inner truth is telling us – what we are being asked to face.

As we experience Autumn here in the deep south of NZ, this stunning season has much to teach us about endings, deaths and the cycle of rebirth. Just as a tree sheds all that is no longer needed, in order to make room for new growth, fresh buds – renewed green , so too do we allow the people, places, behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve the path we are heading down, to die off – to gently swirl from the top of our agenda to the bottom of it, grounding down into the Earth in order to make way for a more authentic, aligned experience to bloom in Autumns wake.

With the Supermoon in Scorpio on Thursday (NZ time), take some time to sit with your uncomfortable fears. The light of the Supermoon is shining on our shadow side – what is coming up for you?

Use these questions below to journal your own truth, put on some moody Scorpio music, light some beautiful incense and your candles – and release baby….now is your time to shine:

What is Ending in your life at this time?

How does this make you feel? Stay out of your head and describe the sensations that come up….

Where in your body do these feelings live?

What fears are coming up at this time? Write out as many as you can and then focus on your top three:

For each Fear, try to locate it in your body, as a feeling – describe the fear – you can even write to it, for example: Hello Fear of being alone, I feel you sitting in my chest, you are heavy and murky…..etc:

Can you think back to a time in your life where these feelings have been felt before? No need to describe this in great detail unless your truly feel the pull. It is more important to locate the feeling, the earlier on in your life the better.

Finally, thank your Fear for what is has shown you, for the protection it has offered, but it is now time to say goodbye to this Fear- to release this Fear, again you can address a short letter to this Fear – but try not to get hung up on the thoughts and the mental process, its more important at this time to FEEL. As you write, let the feelings come, let them pour out of you in the form of tears, screams, sobs, moans, movement, whatever you need to do this is your moment to RELEASE…..give yourself this birthright, so that you may move forward towards your highest potential.

Enjoy this playlist as you do your work:

Scorpio Full Moon Playlist

Melody Beattie in “Journey to the Heart” describes the process of integration between heart and mind in one of this week’s daily readings which I felt truly resonated with the Super Moon in Scorpio –

This states that the heart is the path way to a clear mind, rather than trying to work things out in the mind then feeling the feeling, your heart can lead you to clarity, “The mind is connected to the heart. Value the power of conscious clear thought. Value your mind, and its power, by valuing the power and wisdom of an open heart.”

Finally, Queenstown Ecstatic Dance is back ONLINE – this Friday Night!

Check out this FB link to join in celebration of how far you have come at this time and enjoy moving your body, as it is crucial that feelings are expressed through movement such as dance, yoga, exercise etc… get to moving baby and enjoy your rebirth!

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