Waves of Joy    

Michelle hails from South Africa where she was an avid hospice worker, finding her passion in helping others to feel more at ease with life’s challenges. She worked in a counseling capacity as well as being a caregiver. Her journey led her to discover NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – where she was extremely enthusiastic about this discipline. Her personal life experiences led her to feel that “Life is experiential, in that we feel our thinking.” Our beliefs and patterns can and do affect our physical body and overall our experiences of the world.

“I came into Dorn Therapy early last year, I wanted to learn something that worked on the “physical body” yet worked on a deeper level, working with meridians and the mind/body connection. My yoga teacher, back in South Africa told us more about Dorn Therapy and that she had found someone from Germany coming to SA to teach it. My entire being just knew that this was for me!” 

Coming from a life of an abundance of friends and strong relationships to knowing only her family of four, here in Queenstown,  Michelle took the opportunity to reflect, knowing she had the inner tools to work out where she was on her journey and live in joy again. She was guided to reach out to members of the community and very soon found like – minded friends.

Michelle is not afraid of “facing and feeling”, knowing time and patience with ourselves, help us to heal. Her belief is so strong that joy can be found in ourselves, and all around us, even in the harshest stories.

She has been living in Queenstown with her husband and two children for 10 months and found that at first, finding her feet was tricky. She reached out into the community and found like-minded friends and now she is practicing Dorn Therapy as well as running personal growth workshops under her business name “Waves of Joy,” as that’s what she wishes to spread out into the world.


Coming into Michelle’s home to receive the treatment she offers I felt immediately looked after and warmly welcomed. Michelle certainly does exude an infectious joy, as we spent time discussing our various life experiences I felt understood and listened to. An important part of the therapeutic relationship. Dorn therapy is a type of therapy that has been likened to Osteopathy in that it gently aligns the body through working with the body’s energy system, known as ‘meridians.’ Clients receive a very gentle alignment of the spine which impacts the body overall. This process also works with the subconscious as we store old emotions in various areas which can be released through Dorn Therapy. Practitioners ‘hold space’ for clients to feel safe enough to release sub conscious self-sabotaging beliefs. The session is complemented with another type of therapy called ‘Breuss Massage’ which was extremely nourishing through gentle stretching and massage.

Wholistic Practice

Michelle works intuitively and ‘wholistically’ and the experience certainly left an impression on me. I felt quite emotional as varying feelings rose to the surface and I experienced my familiar urge to push these feelings down, which Michelle picked up on. The next few days I was a bit uncomfortable as my body got use to a new way of being, but I could see benefits happening in mysterious ways as a family member I had been estranged from contacted me to mend bridges. This particular hurt was also identified in the session and I was amazed at how accurate Michelle was when the corresponding physical symptoms came up. I hadn’t known what the physical problem was called that I had going on, the next day my midwife confirmed it for me and it was just as Michelle had named. I did experience a dip in my emotional wellness following the session, which is termed a ‘Healing Crises’ but I had support from Michelle in the follow up she did, and was able to ride it out while coming out the other side with more clarity and calm then I have experienced in a long time.
The experience was certainly potent and I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to truly face anything that may be holding them back. Just meeting Michelle was a joy in itself, worth its weight in gold. I look forward to getting to know her better and discovering more of what she has to offer.

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