Anyone who has embarked on the bumpy road to healing on any level knows the saying ‘dealing with your shit’ So this was what was going through my mind as I positioned myself atop of ‘Libbie’ a sleek beige top end ‘open system’ colon hydrotherapy machine.

How did I come to this decision? My health has become forefront in my mind after going through the loss of my Father this year, due to rectal cancer. Even before he became ill, bowel health was always in the back of mind having had problems with IBS most of my life. Stress plays a major part and since I had stopped drinking eleven years ago my focus has shifted to prevention and attending to those little niggles which come up, especially now I am into my 30’s. The heartbreak of my Father discovering he was already a stage 4 with his Cancer earlier this year, has left me with a deep awareness of the importance of following your instinct and paying attention to what your body is telling you. I realise I need to balance that awareness with a growing anxiety as we face more and more loss around us due to health conditions which could have been prevented with the right resources.

Therefore, when I met Tracey Neil at an event a few years back and learnt what she does, I filed away her business card and planned to get in touch when I had the time and funds to look further into Colon Hydrotherapy. Six weeks following my Fathers passing, I found myself in her shared office space – which is therapeutic in itself with two other holistic practitioners operating out the space in Glenda Dr – sharing my journey so far and why I was here. We had, of course, been in discussion weeks before the appointments which was very reassuring. From the moment I called Tracey I felt supported by her in the process leading up to the treatment. I received helpful emails and a short video.

” I have always been into “alternative” or natural health, so when I went through my divorce and saw how angry my children who were both 2 and 4 at the time were, I knew it was coming from me and I needed to change me. So off I went to learn hypnotherapy which I loved so much I started practicing, ” says Tracey.

Tracey added to her tool box and went on to become a Master NLP Practitioner, Bodyworks practitioner and studied functional nutrition, possessing a hunger to forever be studying and learning. She explains further how she came to be in this industry –

“I got into Colon Hydrotherapy as with every client I had in front of me (for coaching) I was always asking about their health, what they were eating, how they would de-stress etc. Then an opportunity came along to purchase the business I have and it was a no brainer. If you do not have great digestive health you do not have great health – period.”

Now she is teaching clients how to look at their “whole” health as she believes you “cannot just fix or work on one area, all parts of the body, mind and emotions affect our health. My mission is to teach people to take control now of their health, mind and body and how it best works for them as everyone is unique and there is no one magic pill (although most want this).”

I felt I was in good hands immediately going into the session. I also realised that my treatment would occur on the weekend of the Harvest Full Moon, which for me is all about release. Very fitting that this was the weekend I had chosen to do this treatment and detox on every level, I must admit I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I knew that it might be a rough ride ahead but felt supported. I had started a liquid diet on the Friday eve, making up a big pot of coconut pumpkin soup and mistakenly a pot of broccoli and blue vein…broccoli being top of the gassy foods list and not recommended at all during the sessions. Yes, I was booked in for two sessions over the weekend, I wasn’t just dipping my toe in the water, I was diving in… So I added a Bikrim yoga session in on the Sunday morning as well, my second class ever. Why not.

The first colon hydrotherapy session itself was horrendous on first impression, I immediately regretted my decision as waves of heat washed over me and I felt sick after Libbie had done its thing and I had a good liter or so of warm, clean filtered water gently rinsing me out. It came in waves so I kind of settled into it, a wheat pack across my belly, Tracey’s reassuring face at the door after a polite knock, then leaving as I made a face which indicated that I would like to be alone now. She recommended not distracting myself as I reached desperately for the books I had found in the bookshelf and placed near Libbie in the hopes I could do some ‘light’ reading. I cringed as another wave of nausea hit me and the warmth gushed out carrying with it all my regrets and negative crap. I learnt I need to chew my food more while Tracey was in the room for one of her check in’s. She explained to me more water would be a good idea too. I smiled weakly as the tube of filtered water emptied out beside me…

I left feeling a bit wiped out and ready to take on a suggestion of R&R, which was turned into quite a relaxed afternoon in the garden with a big pot of peppermint tea and soup. I let the sun drench me and I began to feel quite good actually. In the late afternoon I enjoyed a nap on the couch and then slept deeply and probably better then I ever have in these last months.

I woke on Sunday actually looking forward to an hour of hot yoga and another colon hydrotherapy session, I felt that now I knew what to expect I could deal with it better. I had a great level of energy and clarity and really enjoyed the rest of my Sunday. The session was easier the second time around and due to the positive effects of the first one, although difficult to get use to, I felt good overall about the experience. I think it was supported by doing Bikram yoga, a liquid diet, relaxing in the sun, herbal teas, the probiotic and green drink supplement Tracey supplied and Tracey herself, with her professional and confident manner which was also nurturing and accepting. We spoke at length about how life’s stresses can impact on our overall health and well being.

Emotionally I noticed how much I struggled to actually ‘Let Go,’ and I sometimes found myself feeling angry at those words, like what do they even mean?! I found myself looking for distraction, feeling uncomfortable to a huge degree and having to literally sit with my shit. Overwhelm came over me at times and I imagined all the stress of the year being released, which was intense. Having to relax and take care of myself felt good and something I want to embrace more of. I felt tenderness towards myself and enjoyed writing in my journal and creating a Full Moon ritual to practice letting go and allowing myself to make room for the new.

I feel more conscious, as a result, of what I am now willing to put into my body, to chew chew chew and drink plenty of water. I am keen to get to more Bikrim and to regularly take time out for me. To detox, to cleanse, to let go of the shit and to take space so that life can move forward in a fresh new way….

Even though it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea, with health benefits such as better energy, clarity, immunity and general wellbeing it is certainly work taking up a discussion with Tracey at Inside Out regarding her service. See her listing below – Tracey offers free 20minute consults

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