This edition of Seeker explores the concept of collective healing sessions, a supersized way of clearing the ‘stuff,’ on offer from Spiritual Seekers Guide to Q.T therapists of Posana Health and Be Your Own Guru, along with Casey Hackmeyer. These woman are on an unstoppable journey together to flood Queenstown with opportunities to come together, grow, expand and connect in conscious conversation….Seeker experiences what they have to offer and more…

Collective Healing 

On the afternoon of the Arrowtown Holistic Spiritual Fair I ventured over to the corner where the three ‘Witches of Queenstown,’ as they spontaneously named themselves on the day, had parked themselves up. I had been over to their stall earlier in the day and decided on trying what they named their ‘collective healing session,’ – the full experience of healing on different levels as facilitated by three woman who are in the midst of working together to create huge energy shifts within those who seek them out.  Heidi, Amanda and Casey have come to know each other through their love of wellness, personal development and healing modalities such as yoga, bodywork and energy healing techniques. Amanda and Casey first met while working for Lululemon where their love of wellness was fostered in their everyday work – they realized Heidi was the missing piece to the puzzle when she cropped up after an 18 year journey of self discovery bought her back to New Zealand and then Queenstown.

Talk of wanting to expand their services, work together and offer workshops, talks and healing sessions collaboratively led to the three woman beginning a Woman’s Circle at Sherwood, which is held monthly. Sherwood became the platform for conversation around engaging with the community and bringing people together – something which Sherwood has always supported through conscious discussion and events. The Woman’s Circle proved hugely successful with the first two being popular in turn out. A lot of what Heidi, Amanda and Casey are finding is that people are hungry for connection, many have been on a somewhat solo journey and now, more then ever, people are coming together to figure stuff out – to discuss living differently and in a way which more aligned with spiritual values of community, uplifting one another and reconnecting to the Earth.

The Arrowtown Holistic Spiritual Fair also provided an opportunity for the three Woman to test out their strong gut instincts that they had work to do – together. The debuted their collective healing sessions on the day and I was fortunate enough to experience a taste of what these woman offer.

I found the ‘work’ which was carried out to be efficient and powerful but also very confronting. Having three healers work together to go through the layers within the energy body ad shift out anything that no longer serves means that you are laid open. Usually in such sessions my thinking mind gets in the way, I rationalize and explain away all the happenings, the stuff built up within and how I came to be where I am at that moment. With three people clearing and directing a flow of energy I just had to sit and receive. I  felt myself distance somewhat as I had no time to process intellectually what was happening but as Amanda became the ‘voice’ for explaining what was being found I had to admit that they were bang on. Along with the cleansing New Moon which fell on the same date as my experience, I was presented with a profound opportunity to Let Go. The session with the three working together translated to a one on one experience with Casey, as she worked with the Toq Son method from Northern Thailand, a one of a kind treatment for unblocking stagnant Chi or life force – allowing energy to flow in healthy ways and emotions to release. Finally we closed with a guidance card reading – each card I pulled spoke to me and laid out a simple map to follow in order for the work that had taken place to reach its full effect. I left the session feeling tired but in a nice sleepy way, a lot had taken place and I needed rest. I felt clear about what was next for me and more open to letting go once and for all ( I would hope!) some of the repetitive ‘stuff’ that had been holding me back for some time.

Amanda, Heidi and Casey feel they work intuitively well together and they trust the process they are in. “If one of us needs to step out then that’s accepted, or if we need to break off and do some individual work with the client, it all just happens with ease.” says Amanda. Since beginning this journey together they have each found profound changes in their own healing experiences, with acceleration being key. Doing this work has bought about ongoing personal development within each of them which in turn influences their services collectively. Each of them bring something unique to the healing experience, as explored here —->

Casey Hackmeyer of has trained in IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine) and specializes in bodywork, with unique skills such as Toq Son on offer, she is a powerful shifter of stagnant energy, with an understanding of meridians and using the body as a map to heal on a quantum level.

Amanda Hanna of Posana Health has a strength in intuitive  story telling and reflects back to the client as the session takes place, she utilizes tools such as guidance cards as well and also has special interest in energy healing and Holistic Nutrition.

Heidi Firth of Be Your Own Guru specializes in intuitive energetic healing as well as having a background in Transpersonal Coaching. She is channel for shifting energy from the client, often experiencing the passing of energy in a physical sense – she says “I feel people’s crap and move it!”

With many other modalities under their belts as well as sharing commonalities in their methods, the three woman also change roles in healing sessions, sometimes one of the others takes on more of the ‘storyteller’ role or focuses more on bodywork.


The meeting of the Witches of QT

I invited Heidi and Amanda over to my place for some conscious conversation, following my experience of their services – we discussed how they came to work together, what they have been bringing to the spiritual community of Queenstown and what is coming next….

Amanda, Heidi and Casey came together with an understanding that they were meant to work together. Amanda describes a ‘Soul Sister’ connection between them. She says that the three of them found that when they were around one another so many ideas and plans for future events were coming forth that they felt compelled to create right away. The Facebook page ‘Sisterhood of the Queenstown Pants’ was born because as Heidi says “We need to combine our energies, our offerings, with the people we were meeting and have it all in one place.” Amanda chimes in – “A space where we can recommend books, tools and information we have found helpful…” so that others can also share what they have found on their journey of self growth.

The Woman’s Circle has been going strong for the last couple of months and as mentioned, has proved to be a success with many participants returning. Amanda and Heidi both co-facilitate the space along with Renee Jessup. Following an experience in the circle where the question of the divine masculine was bought up, a new event was born – a ‘Shared Circle’ where men and woman can come together in circle to have conscious conversations around what  it means to be a man and a woman at this time in history. Heidi says “Coming together is where the world is at right now, communities across the world are looking for the opportunity to support and nourish one another – to become self sustaining.” It’s not just about what these woman have to offer others but they are also finding that the people who come to these events or seek out their services have so much to offer themselves – “It’s about what we are attracting as well in terms of community.” Coming up this week (28th of April) is the next event – a conscious discussion around sex and intimacy. “This is continuing a deeper dive into individual experiences – a space to break down taboos” says Heidi.

Coming up in the future will be more community circles for both men and woman as well as the continuing Woman’s Circles, hopefully popping up in places outside of Queenstown as well. These spaces will continue to be free to the community so that they remain accessible. Workshops and talks based around different topics depending on what people show an interest in, are on the horizon as well at an affordable price, perhaps Koha. Casey has also begun to hold community Reiki sharing evenings at Sherwood for people who practice Reiki to come together. Amanda, Casey and Heidi all wish to offer their services collectively as well as individually as they focus their attention and time on becoming more immersed in working within the spiritual healing field locally. The future is bright and exciting – collective healing offers a chance for rapid expansion, as a boot camp way of clearing what needs to be cleared and as we expand evermore into becoming more aware of what is due to be healed so that we can collectively evolve into better ways of living and honoring precious life here on Earth. It seems to be a time for urgent expansion and ways of healing/working together are an interesting concept to explore.

Although there is an intent to reach as many as possible and to facilitate opportunities for rapid growth, a challenge which many in this area face is proving to frustrate the witches of Queenstown. It is the same frustration that many who feel that we may be shedding ‘old ways’ of doing business and outdated paradigms which limit our creative abilities, can resonate with. The woman are missing a space , although Sherwood plays host to the free community circles, due to the nature of healing modalities they cannot provide therapist space to practice, therefore the woman are on the hunt for a base to come together and offer alternative healing services. Amanda says sagely, “The balance of providing a service which people have a need for against the cost of paying for the space, in a place like Queenstown, (is tricky).” The woman remain positive although and Heidi comments how its important to “Hold the vision, then let go of the ‘How,’ we know we have to let go of knowing how is this going to show up and just trust the process.”

These woman seem to be on a wild ride and with plenty of enthusiastic and positive intent bubbling away in their cauldron of consciousness, S.S Guide to Q.T looks forward to supporting what is bought forth by the Witches of Queenstown in the near future!

Next Event hosted by Be Your Own Guru (Heidi Firth) & The QT Witches….

Lets Talk About Sex


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