What a start to 2020 we have had…with people having the kind of conversations worldwide that will come to shape our collective future. There is much to talk about and furthermore; action to take.

Your ‘Voice’ can be seen in all manner of expression. In creative ways we can send a message – the ones which have the most impact are often very creative in nature. Connection is the theme which 2020 is embodying and this term can include many other layers of interpretation to explore – how do we connect best (expression), how is the future direction of humanity going to shape connection (creation) and different aspects such as connection with self and with others.

January saw important topics worldwide gaining our collective attention, The world prayed for rain for Australia, watched the separation of the UK from Europe, protests continued to ring out and accountability demanded. People’s voices have been raised in the very first newborn month of the year. Change is a coming.

Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds sponsored the day of ‘Conscious Connection’ towards the end of January, focusing on ways in which we, as energetic beings, relate to our natural environment, one another and causes we believe in. There was also a component of entertainment and learning as the documentary ‘Generation Zapped’ was screened. The day was held together with thousands of others worldwide in protest against the proliferation of Wifi and more specifically the deployment of the untested 5G network. This is an matter of extreme urgency, if we are to value our connection with nature and one another before its swiftly eroded by the coming electromagnetic worldwide wash then we must use our voices and take action to stand for conscious connection. The purpose is to examine the technology more closely and to account for real biological harms that are proven to be caused by electromagnetic resonances such as that emitting from Wifi devices and cell towers. To encourage mindful use and conscious awareness with regards to this technology. The day began with a hike up to the top of Queenstown Hill including mindful based sensory activities.

We held a Family Friendly picnic in the Queenstown Gardens and connected with our like minded thoughts and feelings, the cause before us. An Awareness Walk through town ended that part of the day; we were a loud bunch with our signs and posters held high, we got a few car honks and supports from the people around us as we passed through. After the screening of the award winning documentary where eyes were opened, I personally felt connected with a sense of purpose, to those around me, to what I believed in and with that came a feeling of deep happiness and hope.

We truly can change the world around us, even if we are small group of 10 or so – small can be mighty indeed.

Voices together can sound like many more as we connect and believe in uplifting one another. We have had a powerful start to the year, one in which I have witnessed and taken part in ‘Conscious Connection.’

Other events Seeker experienced, which are upcoming blog reviews were the beautifully heart connecting ‘Cacao Ceremony’ with the Goddesses Anna and Emily at Nadi Wellness, and to begin the second month of 2020 we attended the ‘Journey to Awakening’ event which is a warm up to the incredible Burning Horse festival and a deep dive into connection with the self including an incredible line up of soul filled events. Seeker also reflects on a Wildself session with Sonia Waters, where family and connection were experienced – look out for the next therapist review blog mid Feb.

Star gazer will be bringing you your Full Moon & Stars guide for the month of February – bringing in themes in line with the sign of Leo, passion amidst the stars and courage – cause we are gunna need it baby.

February is also known as the month of ‘Love’ – perhaps we will continue to explore the beautiful resonance of ‘Heart Connection’ after kicking off with our first event review of a cacao ceremony; tapping into our hearts. For surely, this is the softer side of the warrior, the one who raises their voice – the ones who speak passionately with one another or long to be heard, first we must establish that strong deep heart connection to ourselves. Power up and come together – to realize our highest potentials.

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