Rachel Price of Reiki Hub Queenstown describes herself as an Intuitive Physic, Shamanic Healer. She works with Integrative Quantum Medicine™, Bi Optron Color Light Therapy, Card readings and  is a qualified Massage Therapist as well as Reiki Master/Teacher. A session with Rachel means that a powerful toolkit is accessed with the client experiencing the modality which will most benefit them through intuitive means.

Arriving at Paula’s home clinic, Natural Healing, was a pleasurable experience the moment I entered. Paula is fortunate to have dedicated an area of her home to what makes a well set out healing space with nice energetic flow. You are welcomed into her waiting area and invited to fill out a form detailing your expectations for the session and offered any other additional information you would like.

Be Your Own Guru is just that – when having a session with Heidi, what you won’t experience is an external insistence that you need something outside of yourself to solve your ‘problems.’ The session for me could be described as a gift of presence, Heidi’s ability to hold space and allow one to come back to oneself is remarkable.

Edgar Ditzend offers uniquely tailored ‘Holistic Healing’ infused with the elements of traditional Argentinian energy healing methods. He has been traveling with his partner, who creates divinely inspired artworks, and has settled in Queenstown until August this year. Edgar continued his interest in body work and energy healing modalities through studying massage and reflexology here in Queenstown. He says he was guided to this decision through practicing meditation – “Everything I have done has come to me through meditation.” 

I first came across Lisane when hunting down an affordable massage. I reviewed her services as a fantastic massage therapist some months ago. Once I found out that Lis also caters for pregnant woman through her services as a Doula I was instantly drawn towards having her on board for my pregnancy and birth journey.