This months Therapist Review has been written by a guest. Finally! Something for the guys….Matthew Hawke is passionate about supporting men to find their place in an ever changing world. Neill Lewis went along to the first weekend workshop Matthew carried out and has continued to meet with the group each week at their catch up sessions.

Towards the end of what had been a year where everything I had known was given a firm shakeup, I became more aware about my most important relationship in my life, my relationship to myself. It took awhile to understand what was being shown to me, to refocus on who I am in this world, to trust in myself to to honor the path I know is meant for me.

Following my session with Paula in which I experienced her Reiki treatment, I came back to see her for a session of Bi Optron Colour Light Therapy at her cosy treatment rooms in Arrowtown.
We had discussed the type of programs which are offered through the treatment which is known as ‘The Light’ by practitioners and can address all types of conditions and ailments. The colour program which Paula recommended for me was the Digestive program and consisted of different colours over certain areas of the body…