Happy New Year to you all! It has been definitely an amazing summer. I love wearing light clothes and go for a walk in the sunshine, it reminds my home country Colombia. Beautiful and warm all year long! Another Christmas is over and I have to say that I enjoyed so much my sweets, cakes, wine and extra food during the happiest time of the year.

NOVEMBER: DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH – I was looking forward to this month, the month of Diabetes. I have been always wondered why all efforts and marketing are going towards Cancer which of course I respect very much, but why nobody talks about the condition called Diabetes.

Continuing on with our nourishing soup theme, Sara Wagget introduces us to the concepts of living in alignment with our best selves through exploring our parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, the acid/alkaline effect and a yummy Miso soup recipe to help balance us out…

Danielle Argent: Wellbeing specialist and Health Mentor
Aside from cooking my deepest passions are energy medicine, reflexology and
aromatherapy, a healing and sacred craft that has allowed for greater self love,
empowerment and spiritual evolvement.