As the moon begins to fill up, we notice her illuminating the night skies – its as though she holds a watery light up to our darkness. With the opportunity to explore our connection to ourselves and our heart center this month, February’s Full Moon gives us the opportunity to illuminate all that no longer serves us, in the name of Self-Love….

Cancer is all things Earthy. Although a water sign essentially the characteristics of the Cancer personality is very ‘salt of the Earth’ and brings to mind an essence of the caretaker of the Earth. Being a water sign is in good timing with what is badly needed for our neighbors at this time. Bring on the Full Moon rain dance along with prayers and intent….

December is here and so is the end of 2019. We celebrate and honor the closing of all that has been, with its far reaching ripple effects, as the final Full Moon in Gemini graces our sky on the 12th of the 12th.

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