This edition of Seeker explores the concept of collective healing sessions, a supersized way of clearing the ‘stuff,’ on offer from Spiritual Seekers Guide to Q.T therapists of Posana Health and Be Your Own Guru, along with Casey Hackmeyer. These woman are on an unstoppable journey together to flood Queenstown with opportunities to come together, grow, expand and connect in conscious conversation….

Day Three: Love of Life

The concept of Biophilia is an interesting one to explore. The theory was made popular in more modern times around 1984, but the term was first used by Eric Fromm who described it as an orientation, innate in humans, to become attracted to “all that is alive and vital.”

Day 2. Becoming

The day started out hard, with the aches of the cold still in us and both kids needy with tiredness. Half way through the day we admitted that this was A LOT harder then we had thought, but that we were determined to make the most. Even if that meant just soaking up the vibe.

In this Seeker Blog I explore the one and only conscious outdoor wellness festival for the Wakatipu region, Biophilia 2018. The festival ran over three days, so I will be break down each day in a special edition of Seeker, spread over three parts – read on to discover or remember the special creation of community consciousness that is Biophilia!

This week the world once again celebrated Woman on International Woman’s Day, amidst the growing whispers which have been turning into shouts across the globe, that the Divine Feminine is on the rise. I grew up with a strong, spiritual solo Mum who taught me that there was a insurmountable power in the feminine and that we had to be careful with that power….