On a warm Summer afternoon I headed to my first Cacao Ceremony held at the blissful Nadi Wellness yoga studio. Anna and Emily – two beautiful Goddesses in their own rights, welcomed each participant as we arrived. I joined the growing circle in the studio, finding mostly woman and one guy chilling out on pillows….

Collective Courses, run by Deborah Coburn aims to connect people with the best version of themselves that is possible. Deborah is passionate about people, community and wellness and has combined her passions to run engaging, lively workshops which draw on the art of story telling to illustrate her themes around self-discovery.

In this wonderful 2-hour breathing workshop held by Emma Ferris of The Big Exhale, techniques around breath training, mindfulness and Pilate stretches combine so that you come away with an extremely useful, low maintenance tool kit. The simple steps taught means you can break bad breathing habits (we all have em!) reduce stress and pain as well as enjoy more moments of calm. Seeker joined Emma on her most recent workshop and found the 2hr group session to be profound…..

For the past 23 years Deborah Coburn has been holding events for women from Queenstown and the surrounds. ‘Women on the Move’ was born out of a desire to show women the best parts of themselves, in the face of so many messages being conveyed to women that they are lacking. After working in the ‘image’ world for much of her professional life, Deborah was dismayed at what she saw as exploitation of women’s vulnerabilities. It is clear she is on a mission to change that.

Transformation promised, a journey through the four Hindu Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kali and Durga – the four aspects of a Woman’s cycle, the phases of the moon, seasonal changes and rich resonating chanting….witnessing each woman who attended connect with themselves and each other meant that the Embodied Shakti workshop was perhaps the most soul filling enriching experiences I have had the pleasure to enjoy.