Heart opening – you may be all the feels and then some. Especially with our Mama Earth raging across the ditch and all the knowledge of the harms that have been wrought coming back to bite, the balance must be made – this is the cost.

Pain, love, peace and then some more pain – if this has been your start to 2020 then you have been gearing up to the energies of the first powerful Full Moon of the year and the potency of our first eclipse along with it. Double whammy!

Cancer is all things Earthy. Although a water sign essentially the characteristics of the Cancer personality is very ‘salt of the Earth’ and brings to mind an essence of the caretaker of the Earth. Being a water sign is in good timing with what is badly needed for our neighbors at this time. Bring on the Full Moon rain dance along with prayers and intent….

Healing Waters Flow:

Full Moons are a time for release, if you can do some releasing which involves water then all the better. Find your nearest body of water and get immersed, focusing on letting go off anything and everything that no longer serves you from 2019. Being the first Full Moon of 2020, The Cancer Full Moon affords us one last chance to ‘Let Go’ of 2019. Clearing the path for a New Year is potent work. Here in the deep south of the mountain lake district it can take immense courage to fully immerse in the waters around us! Make your list and dive in, washing it from your energetic body as well as your physical!

For those of us a little more shy of the waters you can make your list on some paper, burn it, collect the ashes and scatter into the waters nearest to you for a more gentle release.

Lunar Eclipse Feels:

During an eclipse everything is amplified. You may feel more affected by emotions and even become irrational – great! Keeping an awareness around this time really does help to not take things too seriously, rather than analyse and get stuck in the story, the lesson here is to let those feelings be expressed safely – feel all the feels but limit the damage. This might mean some pillow screaming is in order, journal writing, ranting to an understanding friend who can hold space for you, dancing to loud beats and trying to go easy on loved ones are all ways to support oneself during an eclipse. This moon and eclipse is certainly less about doing the work than it is about feeling into whatever may be coming up.

Often the hardest time to practice self care is when we need it the most, don’t beat yourself up too much if this goes out the window at this time, but try not to add fuel to the fire but making decisions which could amplify already simmering emotions. Keep it chill, hit up Nature and have some early nights. We either feel quite drained by intense astrological happenings or energized and a bit erratic. If your having trouble sleeping under this bright Full Moon then embrace it by moon bathing…..

Bathing in Moonbeams:

Moon bathing – a favorite witchy past time of mine! You can either head outside and find a patch of grass or do this from the comfort of your bed. Open your blinds or curtains, allow the moonlight to fill the space, lie back and focus on your breathe, with eyes closed allow the moon beams to bathe you into bliss. Outside the connection with the moon is even stronger, as you tune into the night time environs around you, focus on breath work to bring presence and notice all the sounds and feelings around you as you absorb those magical beams. Bless!

Home is where the Heart is:

With the Cancerian energies flavoring this months moon, themes around home and family will also be coming up. Sometimes, rather than this being reflected in the spaces around us we are called to begin with ourselves. How comfortable are you with being at home within yourself? We can disconnect from ourselves very easily and especially at this busy social time of year. Sitting with yourself, reflecting on themes around Home, Family and what brings a sense of presence into your heart space is valuable to do at this time. See an exercise below to centre into your heart, bringing awareness to this sacred space:

1: Find a quiet space in Nature or surround yourself with the color green.

2: If you are new to meditating or quieting the mind, you can play some soft ambient background music to help with focus.

3: Close your eyes and place your right hand over your Heart.

4: Begin taking deep breaths down into your belly, so that your belly fills like a balloon, let your breathe out for slightly longer than your inhale. Do this deep breathing for three full breaths, also noticing your chest expanding and if you can, your heart beating.

5: Resume breathing as you normally would but with some conscious awareness so that your breathe remains deep.

6: With hand over Heart and breathe relaxing your body visualize yourself at an age where you can feel tender feelings towards yourself. It might be you at your proudest childhood moment, or at a time where you felt vulnerable, it may be you as a awkward teen or it could be you last week on hard day or when you achieved something hard you have worked towards. The goal is to feel some real tenderness and love towards yourself while reflecting on moments when you needed a bit of acknowledgement. Give that to yourself for as long as you would like and remember to let a gentle smile rest upon your face.

7: Finish by spending a few moments thinking of your loved ones, loving moments, moments of connection, anything which may bring a warm glow to your heart space. Notice that warm glow, let is spread throughout your body as you bring yourself back to the present moment by finally deepening your breath once more, wriggling your fingers and toes and slowly, gently opening your eyes.

Welcome back! Be kind this Full Moon, to yourself and to others, allow for whatever comes up to be acknowledged and practice self care where needed! Feel free to leave comments as we see how the energies of this Full Moon, the first of 2020 unfold over the coming months.

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