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Welcome to the newest addition to Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds, Star Gazer. You can expect a sweet run down of the moons vibes, how you can best utilize the opportunities bought to you by ‘Mama Moon’ and a little bit about how writer Georgia Todd has chosen to make the most of the months moon magick. Read on to unlock your inner witchy goddess/god…

We have passed the half way point of the year, Solstice and the shortest day/night here in the southern hemisphere, the point where we begin the journey back to warmer months and the light. The first half of this year has been every bit a challenge as the infamous 2018, it just seems to get more hectic as we are asked to grow in ways unfathomed.

A delicious Soul warming recipe for a drink which is perfect to share with your tribe around a fire as we welcome cooler Autumn nights. Put the challenge out there and have your friends all make a batch then get together to try different versions. A great excuse to get together before the less sociable months of Winter are upon us!