Welcome to the first Seeker blog for 2020, Happy New Beginnings! This year, Seeker is inspired to follow a theme each month to explore. Being January and the first month of a new decade, I have been feeling into what 2020 may entail lessons wise, 2019 surely was a big one in that regard!

December is here and so is the end of 2019. We celebrate and honor the closing of all that has been, with its far reaching ripple effects, as the final Full Moon in Gemini graces our sky on the 12th of the 12th.

Seekers, its been awhile. The central blog of Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds has been paused for the latter half of 2019, but as we arrive at the end of this wild, wild year I felt it time again to begin.

Collective Courses, run by Deborah Coburn aims to connect people with the best version of themselves that is possible. Deborah is passionate about people, community and wellness and has combined her passions to run engaging, lively workshops which draw on the art of story telling to illustrate her themes around self-discovery.

Welcome to the newest addition to Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds, Star Gazer. You can expect a sweet run down of the moons vibes, how you can best utilize the opportunities bought to you by ‘Mama Moon’ and a little bit about how writer Georgia Todd has chosen to make the most of the months moon magick. Read on to unlock your inner witchy goddess/god…