As the moon begins to fill up, we notice her illuminating the night skies – its as though she holds a watery light up to our darkness. With the opportunity to explore our connection to ourselves and our heart center this month, February’s Full Moon gives us the opportunity to illuminate all that no longer serves us, in the name of Self-Love….

On a warm Summer afternoon I headed to my first Cacao Ceremony held at the blissful Nadi Wellness yoga studio. Anna and Emily – two beautiful Goddesses in their own rights, welcomed each participant as we arrived. I joined the growing circle in the studio, finding mostly woman and one guy chilling out on pillows….

What a start to 2020 we have had…with people having the kind of conversations worldwide that will come to shape our collective future. There is much to talk about and furthermore; action to take.

Your ‘Voice’ can be seen in all manner of expression. In creative ways we can send a message and the ones which have the most impact are often very creative in nature. Connection is the theme which 2020 is embodying….

Cancer is all things Earthy. Although a water sign essentially the characteristics of the Cancer personality is very ‘salt of the Earth’ and brings to mind an essence of the caretaker of the Earth. Being a water sign is in good timing with what is badly needed for our neighbors at this time. Bring on the Full Moon rain dance along with prayers and intent….

Towards the end of what had been a year where everything I had known was given a firm shakeup, I became more aware about my most important relationship in my life, my relationship to myself. It took awhile to understand what was being shown to me, to refocus on who I am in this world, to trust in myself to to honor the path I know is meant for me.