I first came across Lisane when hunting down an affordable massage. I reviewed her services as a fantastic massage therapist some months ago. Once I found out that Lis also caters for pregnant woman through her services as a Doula I was instantly drawn towards having her on board for my pregnancy and birth journey.

Last week I became a Mama to Maizy Heather, my second daughter. It was a stormy night which boded well for bringing baby on according to the gypsy woman who had sold me Clary Sage at the fair over the weekend. We were expecting snow – another good sign and it was a full moon as my body began to prepare for my baby’s arrival.

NOVEMBER: DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH – I was looking forward to this month, the month of Diabetes. I have been always wondered why all efforts and marketing are going towards Cancer which of course I respect very much, but why nobody talks about the condition called Diabetes.