Our Mission Statement and Vision:
To bring together local practitioners of holistic and alternative wellness therapies, community events, classes and information – a space to connect, to become involved and to evolve. Including a wellness blog; Seeker, Soul Food blog, events page and therapist directory, the Spiritual Seekers Guide  is all your need to find your inner peace and to connect with the vibrant spiritual community in the Coromandel.

Spiritual Seekers Guide provides:
• Therapist Listing on our online Therapist Directory, with an option to have a featured listing which guarantees your business greater visibility 
• Featured Therapist profiling with professional photos, which is all about you and what you offer to the evolvement of human consciousness and healing
• Event Listing on our Community Calendar Page. Event Reviews by our professional writers are also available. 

• Up-to-date Blogs about what’s happening in the spiritual scene here in Queenstown and the surrounding area.
And much more being constantly developed!

Creator of Spiritual Seekers Guide: Georgia Todd

As a local writer born in Queenstown, in 85′, I have witnessed the wellness industry taking off in our beautfiul township. People arent just coming to Queenstown to party or throw themselves off a bridge – they are coming to experience what is on offer in the form of personal and collective growth. As these areas are of interest to me I began to discover the ‘whose who’ of people coming to Queenstown with so much to offer in the healing arts. Many have become friends of mine and the Queenstown area continues to grow and evolve with the progression of the wellness community. I wanted to be able to offer people like myself a platform to discover all that is available to the area. I also wanted a space to write about my experiences and the people I met who had so much to contribute to the evolution of consciousness. Spiritual Seekers Guide was born out of a desire to collaborate, to encourage a community model as well as a business-driven one. I hope we can all find ourselves a little bit more through the Spiritual Seekers Guide,  becoming involved to evolve.