Welcome to the first Seeker blog for 2020, Happy New Beginnings! This year, Seeker is inspired to follow a theme each month to explore. Being January and the first month of a new decade, I have been feeling into what 2020 may entail lessons wise, 2019 surely was a big one in that regard!

The word Connection began to emerge as we wound up 2019 and ventured into the 2020’s, and I began to meet various teachers, facilitators and generally aware people who offer up services related to connecting deeply with oneself and how that then translates to other relationships.

My partner and I were offered a chance to learn more about mindful connection at the end of 2019 and I began to work with Sonia Waters, of Wildself – a review of those experiences is coming up soon. The work I ventured into, reflections with meaningful people in my life and the usual end of year inner musings, meant that I began to see how important the theme of Connection is, how in practice Connection affords us the pathway towards growth. Sometimes easy and sometimes in hard, seemingly lonely ways.

I know of many people who had a low key, reflective New Year, being pulled into connection with themselves, and I almost changed my ideas around the New Year as I struggled with the grief of having lost a loved one this year, again I knew of others around me I could talk to who felt similar. After a challenging day I mustered some excitement to dress up 1920s style and enjoy some good food, company, music and dancing. I could feel into connection with others or at least versions of themselves – wild and free, celebrating the last decade together. We counted down to the tune of ‘Hey Jude’, voices together, hopeful and rising. Then 2020 was upon us. I shook off what had been the most challenging year of my life and hand in hand with my friends and partner, walked into the New Year with my dancing shoes on.

As we move into January I will be writing about my experiences of bodywork, connection with myself, my partner and my children. Relationships with self and others will remain a focus for this month and for the whole of 2020 as other variations of Connection emerge. Trust, Growth, Community, Presence…who knows, the year is fresh with inspiration and promise.

Be a part of the Spiritual Seekers Directory on Spiritual Seekers Guide to Queenstown & Surrounds so that Seekers of your service can connect with you. Its free to list or Seeker Content services can help you. Just visit the ADD tab on the top of the Homepage.

If you have a service or an event that encourages and supports Connection then please get in touch! Event and therapist reviews are great tools for promotion and connection with your clients.

Enjoy the first month of the year Seekers, Star Gazer will be here soon with tips on making the most of the first Full Moon of the year on the 12th of January. Bless!

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