Danielle Argent: Wellbeing specialist and Health Mentor

Aside from cooking my deepest passions are energy medicine, reflexology and
aromatherapy, a healing and sacred craft that has allowed for greater self love,
empowerment and spiritual evolvement. I strive to encourage others towards a more
healthy and conscious existence. I feel blessed that my work so far has been devoted to
helping heal, inspire and nourish others.
I believe that my life’s purpose is to teach people how to live a happy and abundant life
through natural therapies. By sharing my passions, knowledge and energy I can guide
others to live a more holistic way of living.

For me FOOD IS MEDICINE I consider myself a fearless food explorer, living a life that
has revolved around working within the industry and travelling to some the best culinary
destinations around the globe. Creating great food is pleasurable – I love the movie “Like Water for Chocolate. “
Connecting with our emotions means we can taste them-the way we feel. When creating food it
has a big impact on the people who eat the food. Therefore where you buy it, where is
comes from, also has an impact. The transfer of energy is so essential to the beauty we
can create.
I love eating seasonally and from the local farmers market and I look forward to spring
rolling around again, I live at the Remarkable’s Food market. Creating connections with
those who cultivate and harvest the food is essential, to knowing their practices, history
and their love for what they do will inspire you and the food to create magic. Good food
needs to be alive and vibrant, nourishing and healing therefore activating for your mind,
body and spirit.
Wintertime is a lean, sparse and seemingly dead time of year, and yet it holds the seeds of
next years possibilities.In this time we establish the very foundation of our ‘being’ — our
structure, confidence and motivation.
In winter our gut is like a slow cooker it needs foods that are easily digestible to draw off
the most energy, without wasting energy trying to break down hard cold, raw foods. Winter
is the time of slow, cold, dark, inward energy. When you eat seasonally and to support
your internal system your foundation. You sleep well, stay healthy, live longer, support your
kidney’s balance your Jing energy. The root to your vitality and your body thrives.

The connection between the eyes and the soul is a commonly held belief in Eastern as
well as Western cultures. In the East however, it is taken a step further to place the seed of
the soul in the ‘liver’ our souls vision consequently, the Liver or liver meridian harbours our
‘soul’s’ vision. ‘What new ideas and direction we can see’ And this soulful liver meridian
dominates spring time -the start of our lives and the natural year. New plants and new
considerations sprout up in this time and lots of plans are made for new developments.
The Gallbladder Meridian ( secretary to the liver) comes into play here, bringing order
and good management to all the plans.

Springtime offers a period of new vision and orders the world wakes up from winter.
Energies rise and life expands, and all the food to support all these activities become
plentiful. So, the best tasting and most supportive foodstuff for us in springtime are those
slightly sour, fresh tasting vegetables that have the expanding and fast-rising quality.

SPRING CLEANING                                                                                                                                                                                         Spring is not only a time for fresh new ideas and ventures but in order
to make room for the new we need to let go of the old “ SPRING CLEAN” = let go!.

Cucumber and Wakame salad
1/4-/1/2 cup wakame
1 medium cucumber
2 tsp sesame seeds
2 tsp tamari
2 tsp brown rice vinegar
4 tsp water

Soak Wakame for 10mins. Boil more water and blanch Wakame for 1 minute,
shock with cold water and remove stem and chop
Remove bittiness from cucumbers, Wakame and marinade and allow it to sit for 1 hour before

Chicken and kale soup
2 free range chicken breasts chopped into pieces
2-3 cloves of garlic
1-2 chills ( optional)
1 good size knob of ginger
1-2 carrots
1 bunch of asparagus
4-6 kale leafs
1-2 Tbsp oil
1-2 tsp tamari
4 spring onions
black pepper and sea salt
1-2 strips Kombu / arame
1 pottle chicken stock (organic /home made)
1 good handful of fresh coriander
optional add buckwheat noddles

Method                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I
In a mortar and pestle place, chillis, garlic, ginger, tamari and gently smash
In another bowl cover kombu arame with water when softened add to the soup ( 5 mins)
Add oil to pot then add spring onions, sauté till lightly brown
Add all ingredients from mortar and pestle allow aroma and flavours to develop
Add chicken stir, turn up the heat-then add the rest of the ingredients, including stock and put a
lid on bring to simmer as soon as chicken is cooked serve-with fresh chopped coriander
Total cooking time 10 mins

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