We have passed the half way point of the year, Solstice and the shortest day/night here in the southern hemisphere, the point where we begin the journey back to warmer months and the light. The first half of this year has been every bit a challenge as the infamous 2018, it just seems to get more hectic as we are asked to grow in ways unfathomed.

These are changing times. It certainly has felt as though things have been accelerating on a worldwide level and a personal level, the collective and the individual (ego). Its hard to remember to pause and take a deep breath while we ride the next wave of change as it sweeps us up.

This months Therapist Review has been written by a guest. Finally! Something for the guys….Matthew Hawke is passionate about supporting men to find their place in an ever changing world. Neill Lewis went along to the first weekend workshop Matthew carried out and has continued to meet with the group each week at their catch up sessions.

Welcome to March, Seekers – that magical time of year where for us in the deep south, we begin to smell a hint of wood smoke and see the first turning of the trees, which will reward us all with an incredible display in the weeks to come. February saw Seeker exploring a heart connection to oneself, in tangent with the month of Love….

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